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  1. #1. The tattoo artist teased a blurred-out photo.
  2. #2. People speculated it is dedicated to her ex husband Brad Pitt.
  3. #3. The artist revealed the full tattoo.
  4. #4. Angelina has over 20 tattoos on her body.

Fans Suspect Angelina Jolie's New Middle Finger Tattoo Is A 'F**k You' To Brad Pitt

The world of celebrity tattoos has always held a fascination for fans, providing glimpses into the stars' personal stories and sentiments. Angelina Jolie, a figure both enigmatic and captivating, has once again stirred up a storm with her latest ink choices – tattoos on both her middle fingers. As the images of her hands adorned with these new designs circulate across the internet, speculation is rife about the hidden meaning behind them. The speculation has been further fueled by her tattoo artist, who shared a snapshot of Jolie's palms, prompting many to wonder if the inked message holds a subtle reference to her former husband, Brad Pitt.

In the realm of Hollywood, where every move is dissected by fans and media alike, these tattoos have sparked a buzz that's as intriguing as it is contentious. Join us as we dive into the world of celebrity body art, unraveling the whispers and rumors that surround Angelina Jolie's latest tattoo choices. Whether a 'F**k You' message or a simple act of self-expression, one thing is certain – her tattoos always speak volumes.


#1. The tattoo artist teased a blurred-out photo.

Everyone is talking about Angelina Jolie's secret middle finger tattoo after a blurred-out picture was shared on Instagram by famous tattoo artist Mr. K.

#2. People speculated it is dedicated to her ex husband Brad Pitt.

The tattoo artist received an abundance of comments when she requested her fans to guess the design of her latest tattoo. Some speculated that it could be a message directed towards her ex-spouse, Brad Pitt, while others were tricked into believing that the blurry effect was actually part of the tattoo.

#3. The artist revealed the full tattoo.

Later on, the truth was revealed through a photo shared by the tattoo artist. The design is actually made up of two abstract and geometric dagger designs. Mr. K apologized for any confusion and clarified that the tattoo does not hold any religious or symbolic meaning. Rather, it is simply an appreciation of the art form itself.

#4. Angelina has over 20 tattoos on her body.

Angelina Jolie has over 20 tattoos, each with a unique story. Her latest tattoo reportedly shows her love for sharp objects, like knives.

Angelina and Brad were once regarded as one of Hollywood's most famous couples, dating for 12 years after meeting on the set of the famous hit action romance Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The famous couple later married and were married for two years before Angelia filed for divorce.

Angelia is currently single and her ex-husband Brad is rumored to be dating Anita Ko Jewellery vice president Ines de Ramon. According to a source, the couple is "very strong" and has spent the summer together in Europe while Brad is filming his upcoming racing film Formula One before the SAG-AFTRA strike.

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