"And Then I Got Fired": How To Quickly Lose Your Jobs, Presented By Twitter Experts

Unfortunately, the majority of us must deal with work at some point in our lives. You will eventually need to join the workforce unless you were extraordinarily fortunate and born into fortune. Depending on the work environment, your supervisor, and your coworkers, the collective misery we often refer to as "having a job" can occasionally be a pleasurable experience. Then there is the opposite end of the scale, where you have subpar work, a lousy manager, and obnoxious employees.
Folks have been talking about the odd, sometimes even stupid, reasons they were fired from their employment. Have you ever lost your job for an idiotic reason? Maybe the decision to terminate you was the right one? While we don't pass judgment, you might be able to relate to some of these people. Spend a few minutes reading through these absurd, amusing, and downright strange reasons why some employees were let go from their current positions by their managers.


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