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An Artist Illustrated What Would Happen If Superheroes Had Babies

Many people grew up with Justice League, fantastic four, and avengers, which are all memorable superhero groups from the old days. These characters may come from comics or movies and inspire a lot of birthday parties or Halloween themes. Whether for adults or for kids, it’s an all-time everyone.

Fans have actually spent a considerable amount of money on those superheroes’ posters, toys, status, or box office to watch new flicks, regardless of the debate on DC or Marvel characters. Still, diehard fans will do the craziest things to show their love to Wolfman, Spiderman, Batman, and Ironman. The movies of those men actually ended, yet, their stories will never finish. The universe of those powerful people will stay forever in our minds, and actually, the stories still keep going with a happy ending: a sweet home with kids.

We can’t help but a Brazillian artist Lucas Eduardo Nascimento, who unleashed her exceptional creativity and skills to grant us our childhood wish! She produced a set of illustrations that depict how the newborns of our long-admired superheroes would look like. Let’s scroll down and enjoy!

#1 Wolfman’s little devil


Can someone take his cigar away, please? He is just a baby.

#2 Hey there future Ironman


All set to take over, but, be patient, don’t rush!

#3 Martian manhunter’s baby


This little one definitely knows how and where his tentacles are meant to be used.

#4 Bat baby


Too bright down there!

#5 Aquaman’s mini fish


Daddy’s little swimmer.

#6 Spider kid

Spiderman: “I’m so proud of him.”

#7 Ben Grimm’s little boulder


Indeed, rock ‘n’ rollin’!

#8 Deadpool’s baby


He’s going to give me a hard time! It is always said ‘ like father like son ‘, and that’s pretty evident here.

#9 Flashman’s bolt

As fast as a bolt of lightning.

#10 Hawkman’s Ummm, egg?


Later going to be Hawkman’s little hatchling.

#11 Bright little Human-torch

“The baby is inflammable”