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All Creatures Great And Small Season 4 Relaunch Release Date, Preview, And Where To Watch

If you haven't heard it yet, then this is the good news: After finishing Season 4 on Dec 21, All Creatures Great And Small will be relaunched on PBS, starting Jan 7, 2024, for those who missed it due to the Christmas season's errands. Here's what you can expect, how to watch, cast list, episodes, and more!
All Creatures Great and Small Season 4 Release Date And Episodes Source: PBS

All Creatures Great and Small Season 4 Release Date And Episodes

The Season 4 premiere kicks off on Sunday, January 7, on PBS at 9/8c, and you can catch all the episodes on Sundays until February 18 for a season filled with both tears and laughter. Let's dive into the details:
Episode 1: Broodiness (Sunday, January 7, 9/8c)
It's Easter 1940, and with Tristan away serving, Skeldale House is busier than ever. James and Helen dream about the future, hoping James won't be called up to serve. Mrs. Hall takes a leap of faith, and Siegfried offers his support.
Episode 2: Carpe Diem (Sunday, January 14, 9/8c)
Siegfried brings in an experienced bookkeeper, Miss Harbottle, to bring order to Skeldale House. Inspired by Siegfried’s ‘Carpe Diem’ approach, James and Helen make a long-awaited decision.
Episode 3: Right Hand Man (Sunday, January 21, 9/8c)
James and Helen, busy and exhausted, struggle to find time together. James hires a new trainee vet, Richard Carmody, but things don't go as expected. Mrs. Pumphrey faces an urgent issue with her new canine friend, and Mrs. Hall takes a big step forward in her relationship with Gerald.
Episode 4: By the Book (Sunday, January 28, 9/8c)
Carmody faces challenges in learning how to be a vet outside of his books after a visit to Crabtree’s Farm. New farmers have a herd illness, and James wants to help. Helen rallies the community for support.
Episode 5: Papers (Sunday, February 4, 9/8c)
With the War hitting close to home, James wants things in order and Carmody trained up. Carmody clashes with Mrs. Pumphrey over her dogs. A dinner with Gerald leaves Mrs. Hall with a dilemma, and James and Helen brace for their future.
Episode 6: The Home Front (Sunday, February 11, 9/8c)
Helen returns to Heston Grange to help Richard Alderson. Buried family secrets threaten their relationship. Gerald’s dog, Rock, needs help, and Mrs. Hall pushes him to do the right thing.
Episode 7 (Sunday, February 18, 9/8c)
Don't miss the Season 4 finale of All Creatures Great and Small on Sunday, February 18 at 9/8c. In this episode, James tries to get home for Christmas, and Skeldale House prepares for a new arrival.

Where To Watch All Creatures Great And Small Season 4

Starting on January 7, 2024, you can catch the premiere of All Creatures Great and Small Season 4 on MASTERPIECE on PBS. If you miss the national broadcast, don't worry—you can stream full episodes online using the PBS app. For viewers in the U.S., each episode will be available for online streaming for 14 days starting at 9 pm ET on the night of the national broadcast premiere. This gives you a two-week window to enjoy the show at your convenience. So, mark your calendars and don't miss the opportunity to watch the latest season of All Creatures Great and Small.


A Brief Recap Of Season 3

All Creatures Great And Small Season 3 recap Source: PBS
In the All Creatures Great & Small Season 3 Christmas special set in December 1939, war brings changes to Darrowby, with Skeldale House fortified against potential bombings. The Christmas party unfolds, featuring an evacuee named Eva, Tristan's call-up papers, and a critical decision regarding a racehorse named River.
The festivities also witness the rekindling of relationships, emotional farewells, and a heartfelt Christmas speech by Tristan. As the episode wraps up, Tristan departs for military service, marking a poignant conclusion to Season 3.

Preview And Trailer For Season 4: What To Expect?

Source: PBS
All Creatures Great and Small Season 4 invites viewers back to the enchanting world of Darrowby, promising the beloved elements from previous seasons while introducing new faces, furry friends, and the timeless hopes and dreams that make the series a heartwarming experience.
Set against the backdrop of Easter 1940 and the uncertainties of war, Season 4 follows James Herriot and Helen as they navigate the possibility of starting a family amid the looming threat of James being called up for the RAF.
With Tristan serving in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps and Siegfried facing his own challenges, the arrival of a new veterinary assistant, Richard Carmody, adds both humor and assistance to the household. Meanwhile, Siegfried hires a bookkeeper, Miss Harbottle, to bring order to the chaos.
As relationships deepen, the absence of Tristan is felt, and each character strives to find their place in the evolving household. Season 4 promises a delightful blend of drama, shenanigans, and heartwarming moments as the characters confront new challenges while continuing their dedication to caring for animals both big and small.
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