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  1. Alexee Treviso's Baby Murder - Timeline Of The Tragedy:
  2. Legal Fallout: A Lawsuit Against Hospital

Tragic Circumstances: The Trial Of Alexee Treviso For Newborn's Death

In New Mexico, 19-year-old Alexee Treviso, a.k.a Alexi Treviso, accused of murdering her newborn in a hospital bathroom, appeared in court on August 22, 2023. Seated with her lawyer, Gary Mitchell, she faced trial while her defense argued her innocence.

This condensed overview, extracted from a lawsuit filed in San Miguel County on July 31, details pivotal moments from Trevizo's hospital arrival to the devastating outcome in the early hours of January 27.


Alexee Treviso's Baby Murder - Timeline Of The Tragedy:

Alexee Treviso Baby Murder - Timeline Of The Tragedy

The tragic event took place on January 27 at Artesia General Hospital, where Alexee Trevizo, after complaining of back pain, gave birth to a baby boy in a hospital bathroom. Shockingly, she placed the newborn's lifeless body in a trash can for hospital cleaners to discover. This timeline, detailed in the lawsuit filed on July 31 in San Miguel County, outlines key events from Trevizo's arrival at the hospital to the tragic outcome in the early hours of January 27:

January 26, 2023:

Before Midnight: Alexee Trevizo arrives at Artesia General Hospital's emergency room, complaining of lower back and abdominal pain.

January 27, 2023:

12:18 am: Trevizo receives cyclobenzaprine and acetaminophen.

12:28 am: Administered sodium chloride, Ketorolac, Ondansetron, and morphine sulfate. Lab orders, including a pregnancy serum test, are input into the hospital system.

12:51 am: Positive pregnancy test results sent to doctor and nurses.

1:39 am: Nurse removes IV after Trevizo reports needing to use the bathroom.

1:40, 1:49 am: Alexee's mother attempts to check on her in the bathroom.

1:56 am: Alexee unlocks the bathroom door just before the nurse attempts to open it with a key.

1:57 am: Alexee returns to her room unassisted.

2:38 am: Infant is pronounced dead.


A recent toxicology report obtained by Court TV revealed the presence of morphine and other drugs in the infant's system, according to the medical examiner's report dated January 27. The cause of death was listed as entrapment, deemed a homicide.

Attorney Gary Mitchell, representing Alexee Trevizo, emphasized that the hospital administered morphine for her pain shortly after her arrival, attributing it as a contributing factor to the infant's death. Mitchell underscored the hospital's failure to promptly respond to a positive pregnancy test.

The medical examiner's report suggested the baby likely took a few breaths shortly after birth. The ensuing lawsuit, filed on behalf of the infant's estate, accuses the hospital of violating HIPAA laws, particularly in allowing recorded interviews. Despite her release on bond, Trevizo faces persistent harassment, limiting her social media use due to ongoing vicious attacks.

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