Adults Reveal The 6 Craziest Punishments They Received As Kids

It's not simple to raise a child, especially when you're attempting to instill in them concepts like right and wrong, actions, and consequences. The "soft parenting" approach is extremely fashionable these days, yet when it came to discipline, earlier generations employed some rather dubious and strange methods. Our crew has searched through these three Reddit posts for some of the more inventive and strange punishments that Netizens parents have meted out to their kids, and we've selected the weirdest of the bunch to present below.


Source: LamprophoniaJeff Vanderspank

n highschool, I got caught drunk at a friends house. They caught me in a lie and eventually tracked down the party, and I was found passed out beneath a trampoline with a beer in each fist. I had to crawl from the car to my bed, I don’t even remember it happening. My mom later said she had to walk away because she was laughing so hard, because I kept falling asleep on the stairs.
The next day we had a family function. My punishment? They told my 6 incredibly Irish uncles and my incredibly Irish grandfather all about how hung over I was. I was basically left in the wolves den with raw meat tied all around me. They tossed me around, made me fetch them things, smacked me on the back, shoved my face, poked my stomach, rubbed my hair, noogies, flicked my ears, poked my temples, forced me to drink another beer (made me puke just smelling it), made me dance, stuck my head down by the speakers playing loud music… all in all I threw up three times and didn’t drink for the next 4 years.


Source:  StoolToad9Laura Heimann

After they discovered that I hadn’t done homework in a month, they took me to a home & remodeling convention with them. They spent hours looking at aluminum siding and various granite counter tops.
Strange? Yes. Did it work? Also yes. It was f*****g awful.


Source: AudibleNodDonna Spearman

I’m left-handed and my mom mentioned when she was frustrated with me I’d get tasked with opening canned food. So if I just happened to be a little s**t *AND* there was canned food that needed to be opened at that same time, I’d be the one doing it. My left-handedness made this task difficult and frustrating, this equaling out her frustration I guess. I’m better at opening cans now BTW.


Source:  blueeyesredlipstickRicardo Esquivel

When I was 8-9 or so, y mom was mad that I had taken my sister out to sit in the car to wait for her to drive us to grandma’s (I had misunderstood something she’d said and thought we were leaving *right then*, as opposed to later that day). She was upset because she said it was hot in the car and I shouldn’t have made my sister sit out in a hot car. So to punish me, she…locked me in the hot car, with the windows rolled up, to show what a bad idea it was. And when she came to let me out, decided I was being too sassy and decided to keep me locked in there even longer.


Source: Beachy5313Chris Hardy

I said I hated one of the girls in school. ‘Hate’ was a bad word. I had to invite her over and be nice and get to know her. She was a b***h at age 7 and she’s still a b***h at 31. It wouldn’t seem too weird since they were trying to teach me that people have value or some s**t like that (idk, I don’t have kids), except that recently the girl was mentioned in conversation and my mom ranted about what a little s**t she was as a kid and how she was an example of a girl that needed to be slapped for the nasty things she said. What the f*****g f**k Mom?


Source: anonHannah Olinger

I think I’ve shared this in comments before, but my parents made me write letters as punishment. For example: my mom caught me lying about showering (I would go into the bathroom, turn the shower on while I stood outside it, then wrap myself in a towel and pretend I was clean) and my punishment was to choose a soap company and write a letter to their customer service department about why showering is important. I would love to know what the person who got that letter thought.
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