A Series Of Unbelievable Theories That Can Change Harry Potter Forever

Many details in Harry Potter are not fully explained, even left open by J.K. Rowling. That is why the fan community of the series and stories has come up with many interesting theories to strengthen the main content circuit. It sounds hard to believe, but many theories are widely agreed upon, even supported by a female author.

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#1. Harry Potter Immortal.

Professor Trelawney once had "shocking" predictions about the fate of Harry Potter and the wizarding world, including a sentence about Voldemort: "One must die at the hands of the other because the one cannot live without the other. still in existence". The latter makes it clear that Harry and Voldemort will have to fight each other, but the first is equally interesting. Some viewers have theorized that now that Voldemort has died according to the prophecy, does that mean that Harry will now live life as an immortal?

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Because according to the prophecy, Harry's only "way" to die is at the hands of Voldemort. Immortality will be a burden for Harry when he cannot be reunited with his loved ones - his parents, Dumbledore or Sirius. In addition, the immortal detail is also associated with Harry's famous title - "survivor boy".

#2. Professor Trelawney Knows Harry Potter Is A "Horcrux".

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The Hogwarts professor of Divination has many correct judgments, including the following seemingly false statement. She once guessed that Harry Potter was born in "mid-winter", and this is not true because Harry was born on July 31. But for many viewers, this is a "true" prophecy because there is another person born on a mid-winter day - Tom Riddle or Voldemort. This means that at the time, Trelawney was looking at Voldemort residing within Harry as a "horcrux" and not the student himself.

#3. Hermione's Cat Once Belonged To Harry Potter's Mother.

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Hermione's Crookshanks cat used to have some great moments. Crookshanks is extremely intelligent, able to distinguish Wormtail and Sirius, and has helped the film's trio many times to escape. This means that this cat has lived a long time and met a lot of people. Therefore, many viewers have theorized that this is most likely Lily's old cat, since the Potter family was attacked by Voldemort, this cat has also disappeared (and most likely has been taken by the Zoo. adopted for a while).

#4. Neville Picked The Wrong Wand In The First.

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A true Gryffindor boy, Neville Longbottom had a difficult childhood with magic. Neville even had to use his father's wand again during the first five years of school, when he had the most trouble. Many theories suggest that because of using the wrong wand, Neville could not promote his abilities, leading to a shy and closed personality. It was only after the wand was damaged during the war at the Ministry that Neville showed his power until the very end. After all, "the magic wand chooses people" after.

#5. The Dursleys Behaved Badly Because Of Voldemort.

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Even in the movies and books, there is an interpretation that the Horcrux has a negative influence on its possessor. Anyone near a Horcrux is prone to anger, engendering hatred, jealousy, and ultimately evil. That's why Ron once got angry at Hermione and Harry for wearing Slytherin's necklace around his neck. And because Harry Potter is also a Horcrux, the audience has theorized: is it because of living with Harry for so long that the Dursleys have become so mean?

#6. Harry Potter, Snape, And Voldemort Are Brothers.

In the movie "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", the audience was told about the story of three brothers who hold in their hands 3 Deathly Hallows. In it, the eldest brother wishes to have power, the younger brother wishes to have the ability to revive the person he loves, and the youngest wishes for a way to escape death.

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According to many fans, this story embodies three key characters in the film: Voldemort - the seeker of power, Snape - the type who wants his lover to come back to life, and Harry Potter - the boy who "dodges" death. In addition, Headmaster Dumbledore is likened to the embodiment of Death. It sounds crazy, but this theory was actually what J.K. Rowling noticed and loved. is a website that provides you with Entertainment information and creative ideas to refresh your days. To know more about updated lifestyle and entertainment news, visit our site daily.
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