The Rings Of Power Season 1 Finale Left Viewers With Big Questions For The Upcoming Season 

The Rings Of Power season 1 finale just premiered last Friday, October 15, 2022. Even though the whole series is packed with mysteries and questions, episode 8 somehow has revealed some of them. However, there are plenty more threads to unravel in the upcoming season on Amazon Prime Video.
(Spoiler alert: the following parts will reveal what happened on the show, be considerate if you have not watched Rings Of Power season 1 finale yet). 

#1. Rings Of Power Season 1 Finale Explained 

Rings Of Power season 1 finale 3466Source: Amazon Prime Video

There are two essential questions throughout the first season of The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power. The first one is obviously who Sauron is. Second, who is the Stranger, a.k.a the old man fallen from the star. Fortunately, the very first concern is now no longer secretive. 
Viewers have been wondering whether Halbrand, King of the Southland, or the Shooting-star Man to be Sauron, the Dark Lord. At first, the Cult in white dresses have mistaken him as their lord. It turns out that he is not after Nori encourages him to show his true self. 
On the other side, Galadriel has discovered the true identity of Halbrand. She looked for the family tree of the Kings of Southland. It ended over a thousand years ago. Halbrand then put her into an illusion that they might be the next rulers of Middle-earth, together. Definitely, the elves did not agree and was drowned under the river by Halbrand, then might be called as Sauron. He flees afterwards and Elrond saves Galadriel from the river. 

#2. The Unsolved Questions For Rings Of Power Season 2 

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Even though Sauron has shown himself, The Stranger however has not. There is only one fact that he is a member of the Istari, the five Wizards sent to Middle-earth to help its people fight over the darkness. Most are arguing whether he is Gandalf or Saruman. One of his lines, “when in doubt follow your nose”, is exactly the same as Gandalf’s from Peter Jackson’s trilogy
Moreover, when the Númenorean ships come back, the king Tar-Palantir is dead. His last words were to navigate the Númenoreans to follow their old roots: to befriend elves and believe in the Valar. However, Queen-regent Míriel is obviously not the issue but Pharazôn who does not believe in elves. 
Moreover, the Durins are also left unmentioned in the last episode. Previously, they disturbed the Balrog in the depth of Khazad‐dûm. The people of Southlands and the orcs in Morder were also not seen in the episode. All these questions combined, the second season will have to answer a lot of these questions from viewers. 

#3. How Many Rings Of Power Will Be Made?  

Rings Of Power season 1 finale Source: Amazon Prime Video

The first ones are the ones for the elves. In total, there are 9 rings for the men, 7 rings for the dwarves, 3 rings for the elves and 1 for the Dark Lord, the One Ring. So in the next seasons, the other 16 rings will be created somehow. It is also another interesting part to be anticipated.  
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