10 Celebrities With Hidden Talents That You Never Would Have Guessed

Celebrities are known for their talents, but there are some celebrities with hidden talents that just blow our minds. Their secret skills can be something as tame as playing a Rubik's cube or an extreme hobby like flying a plane. These famous people are so lucky that they were blessed not only with one, but multiple talents.
Keep scrolling to learn more about your favorite celebrities and what their off-screen talents are. Their quirkiness will definitely entertain you.

1. Harry Styles Is Great At Knitting

Source: East News

Aside from his musical talent, Harry Styles is great at knitting too. The famous singer spent his idle time knitting while he was on the road for his world tours. Apparently, this helps calm him down after hearing fans scream all day.

2. Tom Holland Is A Ballet Dancer And An Acrobat

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Tom Holland's performance in Lip Sync Battle as Rihhana will go down in history for sure, but did you know that the actor actually learned ballet when he was 10? His skill in understanding how his body can move has helped him a lot in his acting career. When he was auditioning for Spider-Man, he showed the producers his acrobatic skills through every tape he sent in.
He landed the role and ended up doing most of the stunts himself. His skills continued to help him. “For instance, in the Spider-Man suit, you often can’t see his face. But I find a way to convey feeling anyway,” he explained.

3. Andrew Garfield Is A Great Gymnast

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Speaking of Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield is also a great gymnast. He showed his talent by doing a full backflip on Ellen. The actor shared about the absurdity of attempting it in loafers and "very tight pants," but he still landed flawlessly.

4. Dwayne Johnson Can Rock A Ukulele

Source: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island / New Line Cinema and co-producers

Who would have thought that a big tough guy like The Rock could play the ukulele THAT well? He got the chance to show off his talent during the filming of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Dwayne has always been proud of his Polynesian heritage, and it seemed that the musical genes ran in the Johnson family. His mom could also rock the ukulele as well.

5. Justin Bieber Is A Rubik's Cube Prodigy

Source: YouTube

Justin Bieber’s talents go beyond music. In an episode of James Corden's Car Pool Karaoke, the famous singer showed us how he can solve a Rubik's Cube in 1 minute and 23 seconds. While it’s a far cry from the world record for solving the Rubik's Cube in the fastest time, let’s remember that not many of us can solve a Rubik's Cube in under two minutes.

6. Keanu Reeves Was An Awarded Hockey Player

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Keanu Reeves could have become a professional hockey player playing for the Canadian Olympic team. He was known to his college peers as “The Wall” because of his excellent skills as an ice hockey goalie. His skills brought him several “Most Valuable Player” awards.

7. Margot Robbie Can Be A Tattoo Artist

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Margot Robbie bonded with her Suicide Squad crewmates by giving them tattoos by herself. Turns out the actress has completed over 100 tattoos so far. She said her skills were not that great, saying "I shouldn't tattoo. People let me do it though! I warn them and tell them I'm not good at drawing and I'm not qualified, but people still let me do it." Everybody who was tattooed by her seemed perfectly happy though.

8. Cara Delevingne Can Beatbox

Source: YouTube

“Professional beatboxer” is another thing on the list of the talented actress and model Cara Delevingne. In her interview with Jimmy Fallon on his show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she demonstrated her ability to beatbox. The audiences were shocked!

9. Mark Ruffalo Is A Unicyclist

celebrities with hidden talentsSource: YouTube

Turns out the Hulk has an impressive hidden talent for riding a unicycle. During one episode of The Graham Norton Show, Mark Ruffalo jokingly said “I wanted to be a clown.” He then proceeded to get right back in the saddle despite that it had been "almost 25 years" since he'd last attempted a ride. Mark Ruffalo shared that he learned a series of circus skills when he was young and mastered the unicycle at age 12.

10. Harrison Ford Can Ply A Plane

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Harrison Ford was actually a very skilled pilot. His talent for flying the plane has earned him several awards over the years. He shared that flying allowed him to "create an identity other than Harrison Ford, the actor."
So that’s the end of our list of celebrities with hidden talents. If you wanna know even crazier facts about other famous people, check out our list of 10 celebs With Freaky Habits That Can Make You Go “WTF?”
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