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What Is The Best Hagrid Quote? 5 Best Hagrid Quotes

Searching for the best Hagrid quotes? Below is the list of his five best quotes! It’s possible that Hagrid wasn’t the most intelligent character in the Harry Potter series, but it didn’t stop him from imparting some valuable life lessons throughout the films. Because Hagrid has such a big heart, he can immediately grow close to Harry and his friends, ultimately forming a powerful bond between them.

Throughout the journey, Hagrid is always there to offer his guidance to them in whatever predicament they may be in. Throughout the adventure, he gives some amazing lines that are quite quotable. Because of his ability to convey anything from heartfelt sentiment to hilarious antics, he has developed into one of the most well-liked characters throughout the series. If you want to catch up with more entertainment news, access these best websites.

#1. 5 Best Hagrid Quotes, What Is The Best Hagrid Quote?

1. “Not All Wizards Are Good”

Hagrid QuotesSource: Harry Potter

The fact that Hagrid is the first character to have a serious chat with Harry about Voldemort demonstrates that he isn’t just there to provide comic relief in the films. He teaches Harry the important lesson that the magical world is not devoid of good and evil, and he does it in no uncertain terms. When you read the quote, you’ll see how beautifully Hagrid explains things: “Please take this to heart, Harry, for it is crucial: not every wizard is a good one. False positives occur with some of them. Once upon a time, a wizard had gone completely insane.” You may want to know the causes of Robbie Coltrane’s death.

2. “Fine. Just So You Know, He’s A Bloody Coward”

Hagrid QuotesSource: Harry Potter

Given that Hagrid isn’t as diplomatic with his students as other instructors tend to be, Draco Malfoy often finds himself on the receiving end of his unusually direct style. This comment is an amusing example of how he is being completely honest with him about his lack of trust in the lead-up to their journey into the Dark Forest. Draco brings Fang along with him and Harry because he thinks the dog will help scare off any threats they might encounter. While this makes sense in theory, Hagrid cheerfully pretends that the dog is useless since he is a coward.

3. “I Should Not Have Said That” Best Hagrid Quotes

Hagrid QuotesSource: Harry Potter

Hagrid excelled throughout the films at telling Harry, Ron, and Hermione information that he had no business sharing with them. While he is not a teacher per se, his close friendship with Professor Dumbledore means he is theoretically a staff member and has access to a wealth of information. But Hagrid has a horrible time keeping his mouth shut and ends up putting Harry in peril by giving out too much information. This humorous comment shows that the giant doesn’t feel bad about his words too much.

4. “Never Insult Albus Dumbledore In Front Of Me”

Source: Harry Potter

Throughout Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Hagrid makes it abundantly apparent that he will not tolerate anyone speaking ill of Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts. His words to the Dursleys are direct evidence of his guardian instincts. It’s a terrific sentence that immediately establishes Hagrid’s protective nature and clarifies why he’s the groundskeeper even though he can’t use magic. There is a special connection between them founded on mutual respect. Check out the list of celebrities who passed away this year.

5. “You’re A Wizard Harry” – Hagrid Quotes

Source: Harry Potter

This is Hagrid’s most memorable line for anyone unfamiliar with the original Harry Potter film. It’s the pivotal moment when Harry unravels the puzzle of the letters raining down on Privet Drive and realizes who he is and what he’s capable of. Since Hagrid remains with Harry throughout his training to become a wizard, the two become strong friends. This is his best quote because it is well-known among Harry Potter fans and is often cited while discussing films.

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