22 Cleverly Useful Inventions That Make Us Say "Take My Money!"

Cleverly useful inventions are not generally simple and smart, but they are also surprising and really appealing. Furthermore, the best part about these inventions is that they genuinely make a difference when being compared to others. So because of their awesomeness and utility, we all desire to buy such products. With that said, here are some of these excellent creations we've gathered for you to enjoy today.
From umbrellas for our fur babies to shower caps for our real ones, these inventions are sure to surprise you with their creativity as well as their clever usefulness. So let's enjoy a dose of marvelous ideas for invention by scrolling down and checking them out now!
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#1. These upside-down charger sockets on a train table prevent cable damage!

Source: redhots_

#2. These glow-in-the-dark door handle stickers are in case the power goes out when you’re in the room.

Source: Sloth_Luvs_Chunk

#3. These squeaky kids' shoes have a switch to turn off the squeaking.

Source: Jayrandomer

#4. Baby stroller and scooter hybrid.

Source: pixstudio

#5. This jar of mustard has a handle so that after you finish the mustard, it becomes a glass mug with a handle.

Source: keenanpepper

#6. Flask tie.

Source: Amazon

#7. Ping pong door.

Source: tobiasfraenzel

#8. This wrapping paper has grids on the back.

Source: jizznipples95

#9. "Hug me" pillow.

Source: Amazon

#10. This lipstick has a secret compartment containing lip balm in the same color as the lipstick.

Source: my-sims-are-slobs

#11. Anti-theft lunch bags.

Cleverly Useful InventionsSource: perpetualkid

#12. This dishwasher has a spot specifically for chopsticks.

Source: vce5150

#13. Sleeping bag with arms and legs.

Source: Amazon

#14. Water gun umbrella.

Source: Alibaba

#15. Ostrich pillow.

Source: Amazon

#16. This toaster has an “a bit more” button on it.

Cleverly Useful InventionsSource: Titch1212

#17. The dog-brella

Cleverly Useful InventionsSource: Amazon

#18. These batteries are flavored so kids won't eat them.

Cleverly Useful InventionsSource: Snackbot4000

#19. This toilet paper roll contains a mini paper roll to carry with you, instead of a hollow cardboard roll!

Cleverly Useful InventionsSource: Dearisneth

#20. Forget-me-not kid mittens.

Cleverly Useful InventionsSource: oeufnyc

#21. Shower mic.

Source: Amazon

#22. Baby shower cap.

Cleverly Useful InventionsSource: Amazon

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