15 Global Warming Memes That Will Make You Laugh In Tears

Climate change is a global issue. Everyday, we damage our planet in the most drastic way: cutting down tree, deforesting, killing wild animals, using fuels which result in air and water pollution,... However, things are taken more seriously thanks to wide-known recognition on this thread. These global warming memes will make you even more aware of what is happening to the Earth. It is never too late to take actions to stop these environmental issues.

#1. Polar Bear: Welcome On Board, Humans.

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#2. One Of Global Warming Penguins Memes. They Are Even Sunbathing...

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#3. People Call It Victim Mentality. Stop Using Plastic. 

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#4. Climate Change Deniers Be Like: 

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#5. Erm, Not This Time Icy. 

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#6. Please Treasure Our Natural Resources, It's The Only Way For The Human Race Keeps Existing

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#7. Thank God Summer Is Over. 

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#8. Earth Is Shocked, Offended, Surprised, Disappointed, Sad, Depressed And Hurt Inside Out.

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#9. It Is Just So Sad, Think About It. ): 

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#10. He's Gone, He's All Gone. Like Our Poles.

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#11. This Is A Different Aspect Of The Global Warming Rose Meme

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#12. Meanwhile The Original Rose Meme Looks Like This:

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#13. Let's See How Long We Might Last On This Planet.

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#14. FYI: Every Year, Thousands Of animals In The North Pole Has To Face With Climate Change More Than Anywhere On Our Planet Since They Live Off The Thick Ice. Since The Ice Is Getting Thinner, They Have Less Shelter, Food Resources And Their Existence Is Actually On Edge To Be Threatened Seriously. So Be Acknowledged Of Global Warming. 

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#15. And Somehow Corona Virus Happens. Do You Think It's A Coincidence? 

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It's the end of a series of global warming memes. For more inspirational and funny posts, visit on a daily basis. Bookmark our Funny section for more memes and funny updates.
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