Celebrities Reacted To Bruce Willis Stepping From Acting Due To Aphasia

On March 30, 2022, Bruce Willis' family announced that he has been diagnosed with aphasia and will be retiring from his decades-long profession. According to the Mayo Clinic, aphasia is a medical disorder that can impair a person's ability to talk, write, and interpret language, both vocal and written. It usually happens after a stroke or a head injury.
Still, his retirement might not mean you’ll never see the “Pulp Fiction” star on screen again. In October, a new report from The Telegraph claims that Willis has traded the rights to digitally recreate his likeness, allowing the actor to “appear” in film and TV projects without ever having to step foot on set. Sadly,  Willis' representatives still deny the rumor.
Anyway,  seeing your favorite celebrities grow up or get old is a tough thing, and getting older means their health may decline, and even if they have the best doctors, some illnesses are simply incurable and too unpredictable at the moment, such as the case of aphasia.  Bruce Willis’ aphasia has forced the actor to retire at the age of 67. His family revealed it on Instagram, and the internet was saddened by the news. Bruce Willis' coworkers and other renowned people showed their support and respect for the actor by sending him supportive messages. These above is celebrities react to Bruce Willis giving up acting.


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