23 Pictures That Show The Winter Came Down Like A Spider's Web Which Had Waited

Does any of you like winter? Yes, maybe some of you are winter lovers because this season is the perfect time for you to wear beautiful warm jackets, boots and stylish pullovers. You also can cuddle up with a hot cup of tea while wearing a blanket. Additionally, you can stroll in solitude without sweating while enjoying the weather, especially snowfalls. However, there are many folks who just can't love winter. For them, winter is nothing but countless snowdrifts, unpleasant icy weather, and avalanches. All of them are shown in 20 funny winter pictures below.
People around the world are sharing funny winter pictures online, from snow storms to frozen cars. We have collected some of the most impressive pics. And these pictures will show you how your life will change when winter comes. Maybe you will change your mind when thinking of winter. Scroll down to check out this list. And if you are still craving for more pics, visit our previous posts here and here

#1. The main water valve was not shut off for the winter in a cabin

Source: kentiiboyy

#2. “I think I left a window open last night, not sure.”

Source: ValueMaverick

#3. -25 outside. Heavy grocery bag. No gloves. Long reunion/chat with an old friend in the parking lot. Gravity

Source: [deleted]

#4. It’s winter, people. Slow down

Source: Shaneblaster

#5. For Sale!! 2001 Honda Civic, great condition (I hope)

Source: Whisky4Breakfast

#6. When you live in Svalbard, Norway and forgot to close the window to the home office

Source: Kjakan

#7. Left a sparkling water in the car during winter in Minneapolis

Source: ghrarhg

#8. We waited until late-May to visit my sister in Montana to ‘avoid the winter weather’

Source: dak0j0

#9. When it's your stop and the doors open to this

Source: 9999monkeys

#10. A leak under the hot tub during winter

Source: pascalminator

#11. Boss told me I have to come into work because they need me

Source: Duckduck-Bro

#12. My boss told me to atleaste try shoveling out and come in today. Saskatoon Sk, Canada (Red car is mine)

Funny Winter PicturesSource: fiesel21

#13. Forgetting to roll up the window all the way

Funny Winter PicturesSource: Palifaith

#14. I grew a beard to keep my face warm this winter...

Funny Winter PicturesSource: saintnicklaus90

#15. My grandfather has put out this sign every winter for 5 years

Funny Winter PicturesSource: widesupermonkey

#16. It snowed two feet overnight and this unlucky neighbor's car in the underground parking lot is next to a large grate

Funny Winter PicturesSource: lalalindz22

#17. Cars after freezing rain in Vladivostok, Russia

Funny Winter PicturesSource: VforthHorsemanV

#18. Finally brought out the bbq from winter storage

Funny Winter PicturesSource: lovelyb1ch66

#19. First winter snow

Funny Winter PicturesSource: TheFrenchCommander

#20. It's the 2nd of April and its snowing, but we haven't seen snow during the winter

Funny Winter PicturesSource: panzer0462

#21. When winter gets really cold

Funny Winter PicturesSource: [deleted]

#22. My sister put eyes on the snow drift on her porch in Montana

Funny Winter PicturesSource: Europa13

#23. Our kitten’s opinion on snow

Funny Winter PicturesSource: Chocolocoboco

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