6 Most Interesting Facts About The Singapura Cat: Are They Actually From Singapore?

Previously, we have introduced to you one of the smallest wild cat species. Today, let’s get to know more about one another tiny cat species, domesticated - the Singapura cat. There are several interesting facts about these little house cats. 

#1. Their Origins Is Controversial 

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Previously, it was believed that this species actually came from Singapore, the citistate island. However, recent research has shown that they had been actually imported from the U.S. Nowadays, most people still consider Singapore is their authentic origin since the species has become Singapore's signature house cat.

#2. These Cats Are Rare And Expensive

Among other common species, Singapura cats are definitely rarer. Well, Singapore sounds luxurious already. A kitty might cost you up to $2,000 from the breeder. In exchange, you got to pet a beautifully short-haired little cat. 

#3. The Singapura Cat Size: They Are Officially The World’s Smallest House Cat Species 

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Normally, a house cat might range from 4 to 8 kg in weight. A Maine Coon might even reach 10 kg. Singapura cats are Asians otherwise. Therefore, they are notably smaller than usual. A male is around under 4 kg and a female is roughly 2 kg, making them the tiniest domesticated cats in the whole world. In comparison, they are somehow equal to a 8-month-old British longhaired cat. 

#4. The Singapura Cat Characteristics Are Interesting

Despite their humble size, their personalities are another story. Unlike their relatives who are known as lazy, laidback, inactive pets, they are more similar to their biggest enemies: dogs. Adopting a cat of this species means preparing to be interrupted anytime. They just do not care whether you are busy with your phone, your laptop or your book. They like to attract attention every time. Fortunately, these cats are not really noisy. They are just more active than usual cats and that’s all. It might be suitable for people who are fond of dynamic pets and love play around all the time.

#5. Is Singapura cat friendly? Their Friendliness Might Surprise You. 

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A Singapura cat is extremely friendly and extroverted. Therefore, they get along well with other pets around the house, especially other cats. However, as mentioned above, their playfulness might get them into trouble unless their partners do not find it annoying. They are also great friends for kids as they are basically kids. And they will stay playful forever notwithstanding their ages. 

#6. What Are Their Colors? 

singapura cat 345Source: Reddit

They only come in one color: brown with a yellowish ivory tint. They might or might not have stripes. This is the reason why they are quite signature and you might spot them among other cats easily. Their color quite resembles the color of a Siamese cat, however they do not have dark faces and feet. Make sure to keep them grooming all the time in case they play with dirt and sand, or anything in the house! updates the most interesting stories and news daily. Remember to check out daily for more post about wild animals and hilarious pet stories!
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