10+ Cutest Otter Sleeping Holding Hands Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

Otter sleeping holding hands is widely known since they are one of the most adorable aquatic mammals. Why do otters sleep holding hands? There are several reasons behind this awesome behavior: to keep their cubs or friends together and to keep themselves from floating away in the water.
Wild animals are extremely smart as they have to figure out to survive in the wild. The otter is one of those animals. As they learn from their predecessors, they know how to maintain their lives and will pass it over next generations. There are many threats in nature such as predators, that's why they need to hold hands (or paws) to stay safe.

#1. As A Pup, Its Fur Does Not Allow It To Float On Water Since It Is Dense. Therefore It's Completely Dependent On Its Mother. That's Why This Otter Has To Carry Her Pup On Her Belly To Keep It Safe.  

Source: YouTube

#2. Such A Sacrificing Mother! 

Source: Telegraph

#3. Hold Me Close And Hold Me Tight!

Source: Reddit

#4. I Got Your Paw Don't Worry!

Source: Dodo

#5. Good Morning Buddies

Source: Ithaca College

#6. Otter Sleeping With Baby

Source: Pinterest

#7. Well The More The Better. Otter Sleeping Holding Hands As A Whole Group! They Do Have A Really Strong Bond. 

Source: Twitter

#8. Anytime You Need A Friend, I'll Be By Your Sideeee #BFF #Bestie

Source: Flickr

#9. They Also Cover Their Bodies With Kelps To Camouflage, It's Harder For Predators To Spot Them While Otters Sleeping In Water 

Source: One World One Ocean

#10. They Are WAY Too Cute, Aren't They? 

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#11. These Two Are Having Such A Good Nap!

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#12. Despite Its Adorable And Fascinating Look, An Otter Is Rather Aggressive With Sharp Teeth And Claws. Therefore, It Is Advised To Not Approach One While Seeing In The Wild. It Might Totally Attack You. #RespectAnimalsPrivacy and also #SaveOurOcean So They Might Live Better. 

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