Why Was Paris Hilton A Fashion Icon? Paris Hilton Iconic Outfits Throughout 3 Decades

Paris Hilton is a lot of things: the original IT girl, a reality show star, an heiress, an actress, a pop star, Kim Kardashian's role model and a fashion icon. She initiated Y2K fashion almost 2 decade ago and left her footprint to fashion until today. There are several Paris Hilton iconic outfits throughout her career as a public figure. In this post, let's take a look at these beautiful, gorgeous and symbolic looks.

#1. Pink Sportwear, Flip Flops and A Cute Chihuahua. No One Can Top That. 

Source: Vogue

#2. She's The Definition Of A Living Barbie Doll With This Pink, See-through Dress.

Source: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

#3. Paris Hilton Y2K Icon, Remember When Paris Invented Low Rise Jeans In The 2000s?

Source: Getty Images

#4. Glitter Skirt, Huge Sunglasses, Multiple Phones And A Lot Of Pink!

Source: Vogue

#5. This Chainmail Dress Already Went Down In History Of Fashion. It Remains Stunning Forever.

Source: Getty Images

#6. A Combination That Only Paris Could Pull Off. 

Source: FilmMagic

#7. Tiaras Are Essential To A Princess's Closet. Period.

Source: Getty Images

#8. That's Hot! Just As Tanned As Ariana Grande. 

Source: Pinterest

#9. Do Not Leave Home Unless You Got Five Phones. Three At Least.

Source: Twitter

#10. #NoBras! Such A Revolutioner! 

Source: Pinterest

#11. When The Car Is Nothing But An Accessory. 

Source: Mirror

#12. Not THAT'S The Attitude A Queen Should Have! 

Source: Livedoor

#13. Have You Got An Idea For This Halloween?

Source: Pinterest

#14. Leaving The Jail And Looking Stylish, At The Same Time. #SLAY 

Source: AP Photo

#15. Arriving At Court, Turning It Into Her Own Fashion Runway! 

Source: The Star

#16. How To Dress Probably To Do Grocery Shopping In The Pandemic:

Source: Preview

#17. That's The Biggest Bow You Have Even Seen In Your Life. 


#18. In Her Early 40s, Still Rocks The Runway In Her Iconic Sparkles, A Pink Chainmail Dress At Versace Show In Milan Fashion Week

Source: People

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