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Enjoy Incredibly Majestic Look Of Norwegian Forest Cats In 35 Lovely Pictures

When thinking about cats, the image of little fluffy felines often pops up in our heads. That’s why a Norwegian forest cat, closer to the size of a small-breed dog, may bewilder you with its stunning appearance.

This long-haired “skogkatt”, meaning forest cat in Norwegian, has a long history. Some believe traveling merchants brought it to Norway, while others argue the Vikings themselves came home with these beauties after their journey. No one can be sure about their origin, but we all know that these felines have thrived for centuries in the freezing condition of Norway.

The Norwegian felines we see now are the descendants of the original forest cats. Though these beauties have become domestic cats, they haven’t lost their adventurous spirits. These competent climbers enjoy catching fish in ponds as real Viking cats. According to Norse mythology, the chariot of goddess Freya is pulled by giant fairy cats. That’s why many believe Norwegian forest cats used to take charge of shipping in the past.

Despite the playful inclination, most modern Norwegian cats love to stay at home and stretch themselves on a soft couch. These huge felines are amicable and affectionate, so they are perfect for anyone looking for a super fluffy pet.

Let’s scroll down and admire these gorgeous giants in the 38 pics below!

#1 Dylan, 11 Month/Old Norwegian Forest Cat. Our Vet Tech Carried Him Around The Office To See The Rest Of The Staff For Pets And Pictures. He Was Feeling Proud

Source: enrocc

#2 Norwegian Forest Cats

Source: sampycatReport

#3 Fast And Furrious

Source: we.are.chilipepper

#4 A Handful Of Norwegian Forest Kittens

Source: EndlessCookie

#5 When We Rescued Him From The Humane Society. Little Did We Know That Bagheera Was Actually A Majestic Norwegian Forest Cat

Source: dasbrutalz

#6 Fluff Master Supreme

Source: bellina1295

#7 My Norwegian Forest Cat Nugget

Source: madadelic

#8 Freya The Cheeky Norwegian Forest Cat

Source: vnd3tta

#9 Meet Astrid, My New 9-Week-Old Norwegian Forest Cat. She’s Enjoying The Train Home From K.C. To Chicago

Source: DrowningInPussycats

#10 Meet Odin, A Norwegian Forest Cat!

Source: bossy202

#11 My Cat, Fearlessly Scouting The Woods

Source: CarelessKrow

#12 Mille, The Norwegian Forest Cat

Source: kryptoparty

#13 Pepper, The Norwegian Forest Cat Just Loves Snow

Source: we.are.chilipepper

#14 I’m A Norwegian Forest Cat. How Do You Do?

Source: reddit.com

#15 Our Nearly 17 Year Old Norwegian Forest Cat, We Love Him Dearly

Source: silla860

#16 In His Element

Source: kristjanrunars

#17 My Friend’s Norwegian Forest Cat Knows She’s Beautiful

Source: lanesterr

#18 Norwegian Forest Prettiness

Source: rustin4

#19 Loki And Freya Love To Cuddle With Each Other

Source: Gigaplex1

#20 Dylan, 2 Year Old Norwegian Forest Cat

Source: enrocc

#21 Meet Freyja My Norwegian Forest Cat

Source: langdale27

#22 My Name Is Zelda And I’m Pretty

Source: secretlifeofzelda

#23 Our Little Norwegian Forest Cat

Source: cdaingerrun

#24 My Norwegian Forest Cat That Has A Genetic Mutation That Caused Dwarfism. The Most Affectionate, Loving Cat I Have Ever Known

Source: DrRodneyMckay

#25 The Eyes On This Norwegian Fluff Ball

Source: pompapompapompa

#26 Enzo – The Norwegian Forest Cat

Source: enzothenorwegian

#27 Hi, My Name Is Blitz And I’m A Norwegian Forest Cat

Source: angelo0251

#28 Dylan, 2 Year Old Norwegian Forest Cat. King Of The Play Room, Killer Of Cloth Mice

Source: enrocc

#29 Torbjørn – 12 Weeks

Source: darthabraham

#30 Our Weegies, Svenson And Bjornson

Source: pineapplelovers81

#31 This Is A Norwegian Forest Cat. They Often Get Confused For Being Fat Or Overfeed. But They Are Actually Just Extremely Fluffy Due To The Cold Climate They Come From

Source: brouardmartin

#32 What Are You Looking At??

Source: oliverscatposes

#33 Thor’s Mane Is Really Filling In

Source: drew1010101

#34 Now That’s A Big One

Source: PuddinDont

#35 My Handsome Norwegian Forest Cat Louie

Source: DeannaBananaBanana

Do you wish to have a Norwegian forest cat in your house? If you’ve already owned one, don’t hesitate to share the beauty with us in the comment below!

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