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19 Mysterious Celebrity Disappearances That Have Never Been Explained

Disappearance is always unexpected, but that’s not out of ordinary. There are thousands of people who vanish without leaving a mark each year. No matter why they disappear, they leave their kit-and-kiln vagueness a fair bit. Their family members or friends tend to do anything to get a clue of their existence. Some of them luckily get some clue about their existence, while others can’t identify that, not a whit.

Even many famous people, who are well-recognized, can disappear in a puzzling way. Some may have been victims of crime, some may have been involved in an accident, and some may have fled on their own. Despite efforts to locate these missing celebs, some are never discovered, leaving a big question surrounding their final days and disappearance.

In this post, we highlight the top 19 enigmatic celebrity disappearances. They will hit you hard with their mysterious stories of disappearance. Keep scrolling down and check them out!

#1 Jimmy Hoffa

Source: @nbcnews

For more than 10 years (1958 – 1971), Jimmy Hoffa presided over the Teamsters as a union executive. He was crooked and connected to organized crime; he was sentenced to prison in 1967 but kept his position as president of the Teamsters. He did, however, resign from his position in 1971 in order to receive a pardon and release from then-President Nixon.

He informed his family and a few friends that he was traveling to see mobsters Anthony Giacalone and Anthony Provenzano in late July 1975. Later that evening, he called his wife and promised to wait for the men even though they were running late. He never returned thereafter. He vanished and was eventually pronounced dead in 1982, but the circumstances of his disappearance and apparent death remain a mystery to this day.

#2 Natalee Holloway

Source: @syta

Natalee Holloway was an American adolescent whose strange disappearance made international headlines on May 30, 2005, while on a trip to Aruba with her graduating class. Her disappearance sparked a media frenzy across the country, but the case was never solved. Hollaway was due to travel back from the Caribbean on May 30, but she never showed up. She was last spotted outside a restaurant the night before in a car with three locals, including Joran van der Sloot. The three guys were interrogated, but they claimed to have dropped her off at the hotel and had no idea what had happened to her.

#3 Pierre Bianconi

Source: @dailyforest

During the 1980s and early 1990s, Pierre Bianconi played professional soccer for numerous high-level teams in France. However, he was not well-known for his ambitions. He was well-known for his wild antics. He routinely received red and yellow penalty cards. There was one incident in 1985 in which he slapped an opposing player before ripping up the red card handed up by the official.

Then he headbutted the referee, bloodying his nose. This stunt cost the player a six-month suspension from professional soccer. The ex-player was last spotted in Bastia in December 1993 before disappearing. His car was discovered, but no one ever heard or saw the player again.

#4 Philip Taylor Kramer

Source: @mysteriousuniverse

American bassist Philip Taylor Kramer, a member of the rock group Iron Butterfly, went on to become an inventor and executive in computer engineering. Kramer was meant to pick up a business associate and his wife from the LA airport by driving there, but he contacted them and asked them to go straight to their hotel. He promised to meet them later and did so.

However, it appears that he spent about an hour at the airport, but nobody knows why. He called his wife while en route home from the airport to inform her that he was going to commit suicide. He disappeared without a trace.

#5 Ian MacKintosh

Source: @whatson-north

Less than a month before his 39th birthday, Ian MacKintosh disappeared. Together with his partner and a friend, the writer was traveling to Alaska. On July 7, 1979, just before six o’clock, the pilot broadcast a distress signal. A controller for air traffic sent the Coast Guard to assist the incoming aircraft in response.

However, there were no signs of a crash or the plane when they got to the location of the last known location of the aircraft. The plane never touched down, and days of searching yielded nothing. Both the aircraft and its occupants vanished.

#6 Zelim Bakaev

Source: @crackmagazine

Zelim Bakaev rose to prominence as a pop star in his country. He was slated to compete in the Russian edition of ‘Star Academy’ in 2017. The 25-year-old returned to his hometown in August of the same year. Local LGBT community advocates say he was arrested shortly after arriving and taken to a government facility on suspicion of being homosexual. The President then officially denied that his administration was involved in the pop star’s disappearance and probable death.

#7 Oscar Zeta Acosta

Source: @nbcnews

Oscar Zeta Acosta was a controversial activist and writer. He is well known for his friendship with Hunter S. Thompson, another contentious author; both men served in the US Air Force. Acosta gained notoriety for his early 1970s novels and for playing Dr. Gonzo in Hunter S. Thompson’s book “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

In 1974, Acosta disappeared while traveling through Mazatlán, Mexico. Marco, his son, was likely the last person to speak with him. In a phone call from Mazatlan, Marco claims his father informed him that he was ready to board a boat that was “full of white snow.” Marco said that given his knowledge of his father and others he was with, he probably got clever or mouthy with them, which led to a fight, his death, and his disappearance.

#8 Forrest Schab

Source: @cbc 

A musician from Vancouver named DY, Forrest Schab, performed. His nickname, “Die Young,” is short for his stage name. He earned a name for himself and became well-known in 2009. He accompanied Akon on his 2010 Canadian tour as his opening act.

He was getting ready to drop his second single when he took a flight from Toronto to Mexico in August 2010. A few weeks later, he posted on social media to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Then he vanished. The cops met with his relatives, but the search turned up nothing. Today, he is still missing.

#9 Hart Crane

Source: @mypoeticside

Modernist poet Hart Crane rose to prominence in the early 20th century. He has a rocky connection with his father, who made chocolate and candies. Hart nevertheless felt sad at the death of his father. After receiving the renowned Guggenheim fellowship, he opted to travel to Mexico to create an epic poem. One day, he boarded a cruise ship and sailed for New York. He either fell or leaped into the ocean one day at lunchtime. He didn’t leave a message, and his body was never found.

#10 “Sweet Jimmy” Robinson

Source: @iconicimages

On February 7, 1961, Jimmy Robinson and Muhammad Ali engaged in combat in Miami Beach. Many journalists have been curious to find out what happened to a man who got the chance to try his hand at fighting the legend. However, no matter how hard they search, they will only come to a dead end. He lacked a recognized full name, birth date, family member, and public records.

#11 Daniel Lind Lagerlöf

Source: @definition

Daniel Lind Lagerlöf was a producer and a screenwriter in addition to being a director. He vanished in October 2011 while out scouting for a project named Fjällbackamorden – Strandriddaren. He traveled to the Tjurpannan natural preserve in Bohuslän, which is adjacent to some high cliffs. It’s thought that as he was scouting, enormous waves broke onto the shoreline, knocking him off.

He was presumably carried out to sea because it must have been difficult for him to stand up again due to the slippery rocks. Although no witnesses have come forward to certify that he is indeed dead, it is believed that he is.

#12 Licorice Mckechnie

Source: @dailyforest

The Incredible String Band was extremely popular in the late 1960s. Robin Williamson and Mike Heron started the band, and they later included their girlfriends Christina “Licorice” McKechnie and Rose Simpson. Due to Licorice’s exceptional voice and creative skills, the band’s modest success in the 1970s was greatly influenced by her.

In 1986, the Scottish native returned home to see his family. Shortly after that, she vanished without a trace. Although a news source claimed that her last known sighting was in 1987, her sister claimed that she had been in Sacramento recovering from surgery in 1990.

#13 Weldon Kees

Source: @humanitiesnebraska

Weldon Kees was a poet who was always on the cusp of success. The most terrible aspect of his tale is how he vanished just as he rose to fame. After attempting and failing to break into the literary world for the preceding twenty years, he experienced mental health issues in 1955.

He would make threats to leave for Mexico and never return. In July of that year, he revealed to his friend how dire things were and reiterated his desire to leave. At that point, he got up and left. His vehicle was discovered the following day adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge. Although it’s most likely that he fell, other people are sure that he traveled to Mexico because his wallet, sleeping bag, and account savings book also vanished. Nobody is certain because money was never taken from the latter.

#14 Art Scholl

Source: @pinterest

Aeronautics instructor Art Scholl also participated in air shows as a stunt pilot. He eventually rose to fame as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand and dependable fliers. He had been filming a scene for a big-budget movie in 1985 when he vanished. At a height of about 4,000 feet, he appeared to lose control of the aircraft while executing a planned upside-down spin maneuver.

Then, just before his aircraft crashed five miles off the coast of Encinitas, he radioed, “I’ve got an issue here.” The search and rescue operation was suspended a day later. He most certainly didn’t survive the crash, according to the Coast Guard. But neither his body nor his plane was ever found.

#15 Glenn Miller

Source: @wikipedia

From the late 1930s until the early 1940s, Glenn Miller was the best-selling recording artist, making him one of the most recognizable big band leaders of all time. Miller volunteered to join the United States Navy after the United States entered World War II, but was turned down. He then tried to join the army and was eventually approved into the Air Force. Miller and two others were scheduled to go to Paris, France, in December 1944, to make preparations for his band to perform for US troops.

His plane, however, vanished while flying somewhere over the English Channel. Miller, the other two passengers, and the plane were never discovered. In 2014, the Chicago Tribune revealed that the most likely cause of their disappearance was a plane crash caused by a malfunctioning carburetor. Although it was demonstrated to be definite, the carburetor in question was said to be problematic when used in cold weather and had a history of icing up and causing crashes.

#16 Hale Boggs

Source: @history.house

Around the time he went missing, Hale Boggs was one of America’s most well-known politicians. Before becoming House majority leader, he served on the Warren Commission, which investigated JFK’s assassination. However, his demeanor quickly became the center of attention when he passionately assaulted J. Edgar Hoover in Congress and subsequently questioned the lone shooter scenario of the JFK assassination. He was in Alaska with another congressman on October 16, 1972. They boarded a small plane bound for Juneau but were never seen again.

Because the weather was poor that day, when the plane didn’t arrive at its location, everyone assumed something had gone wrong. Despite a major search that included 90 planes flying over 325,000 square miles of Alaska, no evidence was found.

#17 D.B. Cooper

Source: @abc

He wasn’t well-known before his disappearance, but he is now. D.B. Cooper isn’t his real name; it’s a version of his fictitious identity, Dan Cooper, which he used to purchase an airline ticket. His name was reported as D.B. Cooper by the media, and it stayed. He was on a plane flying from Portland to Seattle on November 24, 1971. He handed the flight attendant a note containing a bomb. He ordered that the plane be landed and that he be given $200,000 and parachutes. The plane soon landed, the money was gathered with the parachutes, and the passengers were released to safety.

Cooper then put on a parachute, took his money, and jumped as the plane took off again. According to authorities, he wasn’t likely to live because he was untrained and the weather was severe that day. Despite this, no sign of him or the money has ever been discovered.

#18 Dorothy Arnold

Source: @heathermonroe

Dorothy Arnold was a Manhattan heiress and socialite who went missing in December 1910 in New York City. She was twenty-five at the time. Arnold informed her mother on the morning of December 12 that she was going shopping for a frock to wear to her sister’s forthcoming celebration. Arnold rebuffed her mother’s offer to accompany her, saying she would phone if she found an appropriate dress. She left her family’s house at about eleven o’clock in the morning.

She stopped to speak with a friend for a time after finishing her shopping before excusing herself, claiming she needed to meet her mother for lunch. It was just before two o’clock in the afternoon, and it was the last time anyone saw her. The family was concerned when she hadn’t returned home by dinner time; Arnold never skipped family dinners without explanation. Her parents attempted to contact her friends but to no effect. Fearing unwelcome public attention, the couple waited weeks before reporting her disappearance to the authorities. They did, however, call their lawyer and family friend, John S. Keith, who hired detectives to find Arnold. When they ran out of options, Keith urged Arnold’s father to call the police.

They staged a press conference and offered a reward for information leading to her location. Nothing came of it, however. The authorities closed the case approximately 75 days after her disappearance. One popular myth was that Arnold died as a result of a botched abortion. In fact, when police raided an illegal abortion clinic in 1916, the doctor testified that Arnold had died there from serious complications caused by an abortion. Her father, on the other hand, vehemently refuted these stories, claiming his daughter had been stolen and murdered soon after her abduction. When he died in 1922, he left no provision for his daughter, assuming she was dead, but his wife remained hopeful until she died in 1928.

#19 Joe Pichler

Source: @definition

Joe Pichler, an aspiring actor, had a bright future ahead of him until tragedy struck. The former child star took a hiatus from acting to finish high school first. He had only taken off his braces and intended to return to Los Angeles to resume his acting career. He vanished without a trace.

In 2006, he and his friends spent the evening playing cards. His friends said that he appeared to be in excellent spirits, but he called one of them at 4 a.m. His acquaintance described him as “inconsolable.” While Pichler promised to call his friend back in an hour but he never did that.

People later found his car at an intersection close to a bridge. Meanwhile, they also found a suicide note in his apartment in which he wished he could have been a “stronger brother” and left everything in his name to his younger brother. It was believed that he had a suicide jump, but they didn’t recover his body.

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