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  1. #1. 10 Easy Question Game For Friends 
  2. #2.  21 Questions - A Fun Question Game For Friends Deep Moments 

30+ Best Question Game Ideas For Friends At A Gathering

Nothing is more important than a question game for friends at parties. It’s the best part of a party, after everyone gets a little tipsy and wants to do something fun and memorable. There are several types including card games, truth or dare, never have I ever, would you rather,... In this post, let’s find out the funniest and most exciting games for a friend gathering. Then, you might make a decision which game should be played by you and your friends. 

#1. 10 Easy Question Game For Friends 

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In this game, you might only ask each other questions constantly. Which means one asks, and another asks. If you answer the previous question, you are eliminated from the game. It might sound quite easy but eventually, very tricky. It requires concentration and speed. For instance, if somebody asks you “What have you done today?”, you probably will answer it immediately without hesitation. There are plenty questions such as: 
  1. What are you doing?
  2. What does it look like I’m doing?
  3. How old are you?
  4. Do you love your parents? 
  5. Am I supposed to know what you are doing?
  6. Where is your boyfriend/girlfriend? 
  7. Do you want me to guess?
  8. Are you always this annoying?
  9. Do you prefer a dog or a cat? 
  10. Would you just answer my question already?!

#2.  21 Questions - A Fun Question Game For Friends Deep Moments 

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This game would be suitable for a group of close friends, or friends hoping to get to know each other more. 21 questions is a great game to bond or develop friendships/relationships. A round would consist of 21 questions, asked and answered one by one. In this game, you might use these rather personal questions like: 
  1. What is your most embarrassing moment?
  2. What food would you choose for your last meal?
  3. What makes you angry the most?
  4. What makes you laugh the most?
  5. How do you relax and unwind?
  6. Who would you rather spend the rest of your life with?
  7. What movie is your favorite?
  8. What never fails to make you happy?
  9. Who would you rather be?
  10. If you could marry any celebrity, who would you choose?
  11. What is one fact about you that most people would never guess?
  12. What is your guilty pleasure?
  13. Who would you like to see naked? 

#3. Icebreaker Questions - A Question Game For New Friends 

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This would be a nice choice for a group of new friends or people meeting for the first time. As its name suggests, it is a game to start off and warm up the gathering. It helps a group of new buddies or colleagues start to know each other and be comfortable. Therefore, it would need a leader or a guide to do the asking and host the game. When he asks a question, others will discuss or answer one by one until the next question. 
  1. What is the first thing you notice when meeting new people?
  2. What animal are you most like?
  3. Have you ever done drugs?
  4. What is one item on your bucket list?
  5. How do you define success?
  6. What was the last skill or fact you learned?
  7. Describe your dream house.
  8. What is your worst habit?
  9. Who is your favorite celebrity?
  10. What was the last book you read?
  11. What was your favorite subject in college?

#4. This Or That 

Source: Blue Zones

This game allows players to choose between two choices. From that, their personality and hobbies are shown to the group of friends. You have to be responsive and speedy while playing this game, otherwise it would be less interesting. These are the options you can make:
  1. Cats or dogs?
  2. Vacation or staycation?
  3. Rock or rap?
  4. Road trip or cruise?
  5. Chocolate or strawberry ice cream?
  6. Pizza or burgers?
  7. Fast food or healthy food?
  8. Morning or night?
  9. Beaches or mountains?
  10. City or countryside?
  11. Coffee or tea?
  12. Surprises or plans?
  13. Big party or small party?
  14. Math or English?

#5. Would You Rather 

Source: The New York Times

It is an upgraded version of This or That. While playing this game, the choices are more complex and ironic than these obvious, normal personal questions. The players are put into a challenging circumstance which requires them more thinking and consideration. This game is a great way to get to know each other’s mind and ideas. There will be no limit for this game
  1. Would you rather be able to feel pain or nothing at all?
  2. Would you rather have a private concert with your favorite artist or have all your bills paid (including food) for five years?
  3. Would you rather be executed by firing squad or electric chair?
  4. Would you rather only speak English or speak every language other than English?
  5. Would you rather everyone could read your internet history or your thoughts?
  6. Would you rather listen to someone brag about their life constantly or complain about it?
  7. Would you rather have to always hop around on one foot or have to always squat?
  8. Would you rather speak in rhyme for the rest of your life or have to speak in riddles for the rest of your life?
  9. Would you rather be able to read people’s minds or be invisible?
  10. Would you rather have a time machine or a teleporter?

#6. Never Have I Ever - The Best Question Game For Friends Drinking Party 

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Never Have I Ever would be the most interesting game for a drinking party. The rule is simple, each player will confess something they have never done before. The others who have done it have to put a finger down. The ones who have no finger up will have to drink a shot. The key of this game is to be creative and be honest to each other. It’s a question game full of surprises and the unexpected. 
  1. Kissed a boy/girl
  2. Won a contest
  3. Ridden a bike
  4. Been on TV
  5. Met a celebrity
  6. Been overbroad
  7. Fixed my own car
  8. Been diving/surfing…
  9. Climbed a mountain
  10. Written a song
  11. Had a car/bike accident
  12. Seen my favorite band in concert

#7. Truth Or Dare - A Classic Question Game For Friends And Foes

Well, there is no need to explain this game. It is a very simple, classic yet hilarious game. Each turn, a player has to choose between truth or dare, then the other players will ask them a question and make them do something. It’s so fun especially when people get a little tipsy and chaotic. It will bring up a lot of laughter and relaxing moments as long as you might come up with crazy questions and demands. 
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