15 Photos Proving That Cats Love Boxes More Than Anything On Earth

Cats love boxes, more than any expensive cat toy in this world. They enjoy biting them, playing with them, sitting in them. It is a common belief that if you bring home a box, your cats will probably occupy it immediately. No matter what size it is, they will just gonna sit in without hesitation. It's like they are destined for each other, cats and boxes.
In this post, let's look through some funniest photos of cats having fun with their boxes. They just look so cute and adorable whenever a box is around. However, after a short time playing, certainly they will just rip them off with their teeth and claws.

#1. Cat Is Liquid.

Source: BP

#2. It's The Best Place To Take A Nap. A Long Comfy One.

cats love boxes 566756868678Source: Pinterest

#3. Peek A Boo, Can't You See Me??

cats love boxes 4654767845gfSource: RD

#4. I Don't Even Care If You're Playing Or Whatsoever. It's Mine Now.

cats love boxes 56568698789564Source: Wired

#5. Isn't It A Little Small For You Ginger? You Don't Seem To Mind Though.

cats love boxes 45676787685654Source: Wired

#6. It's Purrfect!!!! 

cats love boxes 5676798789879Source: Purina

#7. Cats Love Cardboard Boxes, No Doubt. They All Do. 

cats love boxes 345654676578768Source: Kittisaurus

#8. It's a cats love boxes meme. Isn't it? 

Source: Dumpaday

#9. It's Mine Now Officially. Period.

Source: iheartcats

#10. I'm Stuck... Help Me 

Source: Tractive

#11. Have You Ever Heard Of Maru The Box Loving Cat? He's A Cat Celebrity Known For His Unlimited Desire For Boxes Of All Sizes And Materials. His YouTube Channel Got More Than 844.000 Subscribers. Check His Family Out Right Here.

Source: Guinness World Records

#12. If He Fits, He Sits. That's It!

Source: YouTube

#13. In Fact, Big Cats Love Boxes Also. They Are Family For A Reason.

Source: Reddit

#14. No Cat Can Resist The Attraction Of Cardboard Boxes. No Matter What Size He Is. 

Source: OC Register

#15. Big Cats Love Boxes So Much. Like This Leopard.

Source: Twitter

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