16 Memes From The Early 2000s That Only Make Those Who Remember Roflcopter

Time passes, and things change. Only memories remain in us. When looking back to the past, the trends in the early 2000s for example, we realize how much different our life is now compared to how they were back then. Especially, for some people, it was a very intriguing period and they miss a lot of things from that time, particularly the music, the television, and the weird and ridiculous trends that make them cringe as well.
Do you feel nostalgic? We have compiled a list of 16 memes from the early 2000s that are bound to make you roflcopter. Therefore, if you want to have a good laugh, scroll down to check out immediately. Don't forget to vote for the meme that tickles your funny bone and whenever you think about it you can't help but laugh. Also, share this list with your friends to crack them up too.

#1. We just can't understand what they were thinking at that time

#2. Do you feel relatable?

#3. It seems to be true

#4. Yes, it's hard to forget that dark time

#5. Maybe both

#6. It's so true

#7. Haha

#8. A lawless wastekand

#9. Does he live in a whole different space as he doesn't age

#10. Hmm

#11. So sad and so hilarious

#12. American girls' starter pack

#13. Because you would not be punched in your face

#14. Edge Kid Starter Pack

#15. Oh no no no no

#16. "Call me back after 9 when my phone is free"

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