Parents Reveal What A House With Children Truly Looks Like Through Honest And Unfiltered Pictures Of Their Rooms

When you become a parent, you enter a world of exciting and surprising changes. You have the joy of a little one in your life growing every day, along with the challenges of feeding, stimulating, sleeping, and cleaning. As a result, this sacred job requires moms and dads to have a lot of energy and dedication. Although parents have to overcome many difficulties, they tend to share stunning and perfect pics of their parenting life. Amanha - a mom was so sick of all those "fake" parenting scenarios that she decided to show the Internet the reality and asked other moms and dads to share as well.
In her post, she wrote, "Can we get a realistic mom/parenting photo thread going? No aesthetic filters, no staging - what does the room you’re in look like RIGHT NOW?" Then she also shared the picture of her messy room with the caption: "It’s not too bad, but it feels better knowing others aren’t perfect too." Quickly, the thread was bombarded by hundreds of moms and dads who experienced similar situations. We have collected some of the most impressive pics. If you want to see what life with kids looks like, scroll down to check them out.

This mother was sick of all the "fake" parenting scenarios online and then decided to show the internet the reality

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The 28-year-old mother posted a photo of her bathroom as it actually appears when having kids

Source: sadddbitchclub

Quickly, the thread received hundreds of "realistic" pictures"

#1. The discussion actually made this mom feel better and less alone in the world of parenting

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#2. This is my world

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#3. Don't feel bad

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#4. All the clean clothes go in there never to be folded ever!

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#5. Legos don’t go on the Lego table obviously

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#6. Do you feel relatable?

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#7. It looks so cozy and fun

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#9. This is the fact right here

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#9. It gets hard being mom 24/7 while also working and taking care of the house

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#10. Good luck

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#11. Speechless

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#12. That’s really alright!

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#13. They are great storage bins!

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#14. Yes!

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#15. Real homes. Real lives. Real messes. Real love

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#16. Painfully realistic

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#17. As real as it can be

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#18. Stay strong

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#19. It hurts

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#20. Ouch

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#21. Yes, it's not that bad

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#22. Sound funny, haha

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#23. Relatable

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#24. I feel this

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The dads of the thread made the decision to voice their viewpoint, and it is genuinely wholesome:

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