6 Cutest Small Pet Mammals That You Might Want One Now

When it comes to pet animals, many would say whether you would want a cat or a dog. However, there are so many more adorable small pet mammals that you might consider keeping one, or some of them. Let’s take a look at this post to find out.

#1. Fancy Rat

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Rats are great pets, considering they are tiny, lovable and also cuddly! The fancy rats are actually domesticated normal rats. Which means they are more clingy and friendly, differentiated from their original species. It is safe to keep these small pet mammals since they don’t carry diseases and parasites like their wild relatives. A fancy cat is easy to pet and take care of. 

#2. Hamster 

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They are probably one of the most common small pet mammals. Hamsters are soft, fluffy, active and a perfect pocket pet. The golden hamster is the most popular subspecies and is known for its funny face as well as lovable behaviors. Because of its activeness, it’s essential to decorate its cage with toys and tools. They need to burn the calories from those sunflower seeds.

#3. Guinea Pig 

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If you are looking for a combination of a rabbit and a hamster, this would be a great choice. A guinea pig is about 1 kg and it does not do as much as a small rodent. It also has a longer lifespan, up to 8 years in the best health condition. Despite being called pigs, these animals have nothing to do with them. They might feed on anything, mostly vegetables and fruits. These rodents are also big enough for you to carry them around without losing them easily. 

#4. Hedgehog 

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The hedgehog is also domesticated to be pets. Although it might be dangerous in the wild, domesticated hedgehogs are safe to play with. However, it is important to make sure that you make them feel relaxed and safe, so their quills will not hurt you. Hedgehogs are rather sensitive and sentimental. You need to provide them with a good cage, clean water and feed them with care. Responsibility is on top when it comes to petting a hedgehog. 

#5. Rabbit 

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Rabbits or bunnies are too cute to be true. They are just as calm as a cat and just as cuddly as a dog. Petting a rabbit is somehow not that hard. You just have to provide it with good housing, diet, health care and grooming. Among all rabbit species, the compact rabbit is the smallest one, weighing up to 2.5 kg, smaller than most cats. A longhaired rabbit and a short-haired one are just equally cute.

#6. Chinchilla 

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It might be tough at first to befriend these buddies but eventually it comes to good results. Chinchillas are friendly, especially towards kids. The good things are they don’t smell and they are very clean and quiet. However, their quietness comes from their shyness. Therefore, they need to be taken care of carefully. It is essential to make them feel safe and comfortable. Then, chinchillas will be great pets. 
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