30 Funny Moments When People Failed To See The Satire And Embarrassed Themselves Online

People have long mistaken satire for real news. We discovered that many false stories came from satirical sites, and many people seemed to believe them. It is no surprise that, depending on the headline, satire might be more likely to deceive internet users. People just fall for them too easily. Then, they spread the false shreds of information and use them as their "intellectual weapons" each time they battle online.
As a result, those people end up with embarrassment and bitterness. They bite the onion and knock themselves out in cyberspace. We think they are still lucky to have others point out their wrongs so they won't get hurt more by the satire. Nevertheless, those shameful moments are captured forever and will be shared with the whole world as pieces of evidence of human idiocy.
The spicy subreddit "Ate The Onion" is the storage of numerous stupid rib-tickling posts relating to satire. It is mainly just for fun. Thus, relax and laugh! Don't feel offended if you used to eat the onion because we all did!

#1. Oem Recommended

Source: 9fmaverick

#2. Youngest Child Ever

Source: blockguy143

#3. End Of An Era: The Blue Whale That Hangs From The Ceiling Of The Museum Of Natural History Has Died

Source: mortalstampede

#4. Embarrassing: The U.S. Is Ranked 182nd In The World Alphabetically

Source: mortalstampede

#5. Oh Boy, Former Coworker Eats The Onion With The Peel And Everything

Source: Darth_Inconsiderate

#6. Aviyah Doesn't Understand Ethics

Source: -NewYork-

#7. To Be Fair, It's A Plausible Sounding Story

Source: JournalofFailure

#8. Fda Approves First Artificial Tumor

Source: mortalstampede

#9. I Can't Let This Bee Unseen

Source: 1ANJ1

#10. Krispy Kreme Human Glazing

Source: 0ph3liabutz

#11. Vegans In An Uproar Over A Fake Article

Source: diverareyouok

#12. Just Don’t Hold It Down For More Than 5 Seconds

Source: kidehe34543

#13. Got Him

Source: Mr_Simmonds

#14. Photoshopped

Source: 9fmaverick

#15. This Is Going To Take Years To Clean Up

Source: KaitlynCaudill

#16. I'm Beta Testimg This Update. Some Of My Friemds Said It's Ummecessary But I'm Just Tryimg To Do My Part

Source: StanielNedward

#17. Woah! I Didn't Know That!

Source: Sumoman435

#18. Yes It Is

Source: 9fmaverick

#19. This Guy Is Nuts

Source: Active_Freedom_1547

#20. Surprise Surprise, A Sub Full Of Paranoid Narcissists Takes A Great Big Bite Out Of The Onion

Source: reddit

#21. Never Gets Old

Source: heisenb3rg724

#22. Pretty Sure This Was From Something On Ifunny, But It Still Got Ate

Source: Burritosrule77

#23. Good Thing We Got That Cleared Up

Source: who-dini

#24. He's Clearly Never Lived In A Big City Before

Source: anonsharksfan

#25. Uoᴉuo Ǝɥʇ Ǝʇ∀


#26. Whose first response to bombing a Yemeni village is Scooby Doo???!

Source: clueless_b4

#27. Obamna!

Source: NoahvdAa

#28. So Long Gay Bowser

Source: LoogieDoober

#29. Is She Bluffing?

Source: -NewYork-

#30. I Uhm-

Source: nylajd

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