11 Weirdest Cats That Will Make You Suddenly Burst Into Laughter

Have you ever gone into a room, looked at your cat, and thought to yourself, "This creature must be from another planet"? Cats are real weirdos, and their behavior is hard for the basic mind of a mortal person to understand. Here are the 11 weirdest cats ever that will make you laugh out loud.

1. My space! My space!

My space!

Source: Pinterest

2. Banana Cat

Banana Cat

Source: studenthut

Although the cat doesn't actually find the banana unpleasant, given how they react to cucumbers, there's a small probability that this actually did happen. And, to this cat’s credit, he is the star of a moderately catchy youtube video about him and his banana.

3. Horse-Cat


Source: studenthut

A cat and a horse are an unexpected mix when it comes to hybrids. But this little creature appears to be as astonished as we are to find himself inside a horse's mouth. Maybe he mistook the horse head for a strangely shaped cat tunnel? Another one of the world's cat mysteries.

4. Sink Monster

Source: studenthut

This creepy kitty, described by one Redditor as "the terrifying lovechild of Gollum and a yeti," isn't hesitant to express his dislike for baths. I'd hate to be the one in charge of his hygiene, as he resembles a sink monster.
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5. Liquid Cat

Source: studenthut

Considering that cats are essentially liquid and can squeeze into any and all spaces, we might as well laugh about it. You have to wonder how cats determine where they want to lie, and why it would ever be an old jar of cherries.

6. Guilty Kitty

Source: studenthut

So this guy has clearly been up to no good. You can hardly picture how his owners must have felt when they pulled him out of the box, and his face says it all.

7. "The bowl's too big for me"

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8. Somehow my cat loves to sit like this

Source: Drloomis222

9. Seriously

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10. We need to talk

Source: saucedog

11. "He likes to help my father changing the lightbulb"

Cat likes to change lightbulb

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