10+ Weirdest Animals That Will Make You Doubt Your Own Eyes

Our planet has an astounding variety of life. animals of all shapes and sizes develop diverse traits in response to various environmental factors. Some creatures evolve for the gloomy, dark ocean depths, while others struggle to survive in the arid, seemingly hostile deserts. Here are some of the weirdest and most amazing creatures from all over the world, including an animal that has human teeth to the recently discovered baby ghost shark.

1. Star-nosed mole

Inside the Bizarre Life of the Star-Nosed Mole, World's Fastest Eater

Source: nationalgeographic

The star-nosed mole, one of the animal kingdom's geologists, has 25,000 sensory receptors in the fleshy tentacles surrounding its nose. These receptors allow it to detect seismic vibrations. The star-nosed mole, the sole mole that inhabits swamps and marshes, may also be able to pick up very tiny electrical signals from aquatic prey. One of only two species that can accomplish this, it can also smell underwater by blowing air bubbles and sucking them back into its nose.

2. Pacu

testicle-eating pacu fish 'on its way to the UK' | Metro News

Source: Metro

Do you recall ever witnessing a fish with human teeth? The pacu is an omnivore that eats both plants and meat and is frequently mistaken for a piranha. Their square, straight teeth are mostly employed to break nuts and fruits that fall from the trees above into the rivers and streams of the Amazon.
However, swimmers beware! These nut-crawing fish acquired the moniker "testicle-eating fish" or "ball-cutter fish" due to rumors that they confuse human testicles for their favorite foods. Ouch.

3. Ghost shark

New Zealand: Baby ghost shark discovered off South Island in 'very rare find' | World News | Sky NewsSource: Sky News

Despite their name, fish species known as "ghost sharks" have a skeleton formed of cartilage rather than bone and do not belong to the shark family. For life to survive at depth, a low-density skeleton, like cartilage, is essential since it won't break down under greater pressure. However, they do deposit egg capsules, commonly referred to as mermaid purses, on the ocean floor, just like sharks do. The egg capsule shields the developing embryo, which survives on the yolk until it is time to hatch.

4. Tarsier

True Facts About The Tarsier - YouTube

Source: Youtube

The tarsier has the largest eyes in relation to its body size of any animal, with each eye being as massive as its brain. While they can turn their entire head 180 degrees like an owl, they are unable to move their enormous eyes like we can due to their size. They are the only entirely carnivorous monkey that consumes no plants at all, which aids them in their quiet hunt for prey.

5. Red-lipped batfish

The Verge Review of Animals: the red-lipped batfish - The Verge

Source: The Verge

The red-lipped batfish is a truly bizarre creature. It is a native of the Galápagos Islands, uses its modified fins as legs to waddle along the ocean floor and appears to be dressed for a night out. This adaptation, like those of many other strange creatures, may help the males find a partner, however additional study is required.
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6. Bird-dropping spider

The spider that looks like bird poo – and other amazing (and gross) tricks animals deploy to surviveSource: the conversation

No, it's a spider that resembles a bird dropping rather than a spider that drops birds. The bird dropping spider, which spends the day curled up on a leaf, makes excellent use of mimicry to deceive potential predators into believing they are a brand-new pile of excrement. The trickery continues, though. This cunning creature will extend its forelegs at night and emit a pheromone that attracts hapless male moths hunting for a mate. The moth is instead snatched by the spider, who believes they could be getting lucky, and becomes a good meal for the animal.

7. Japanese spider crab

Meet The Japanese Spider Crab, The 'Daddy Long Legs Of The Sea'

Source: allthatsinteresting

There are around 60,000 species of crustaceans, and of these, the Japanese Spider Crab is the largest. With a whopping 3.7m (12 feet) leg span, they are considerably larger than a human. But despite their large size, they start life as microscopic planktonic larva, one of millions that the mother lays. Japanese spider crabs are mostly found off the coast of Honshū, a Japanese island.

8. Mantis shrimp

Mantis Shrimp Settle Fights With Flurries of Light Blows, Not Haymakers

Source: NBC News

These strong little critters can strike at speeds of 23 meters per second with the force of a.22 caliber bullet because of their spring-loaded fists. It has a power that is around 100 times more than its weight, making it the greatest animal strike ever recorded! If that's not strange enough for you, they predate dinosaurs by even more time.

9. Naked mole rat

Naked mole rat genome: The key to long life?

Source: NBC News

The naked mole rat has the longest lifespan of any rodent, reaching an age of 32. These amazing rats could provide important insights into our own biology because they are also largely immune to diseases that impact people, such as cancer and neurodegeneration.

10. Sarcastic fringehead

Sarcastic Fringehead Fights For Territory | Life | BBC Earth - YouTube

Source: Youtube

This fish resembles the Demogorgan from Stranger Things when it attacks. The sarcastic fringehead opens its mouth wide and forcefully kisses the other in order to defend its area with its large head.

11. Pacific barreleye fish

Discovered in the deep: the incredible fish with a transparent head

Source: irishexaminer

The Pacific barreleye fish, commonly known as the spook fish, has ultra-sensitive eyes that are, unsurprisingly, barrel-shaped, tubular structures that are typically aimed upwards. It more resembles a marine submersible than a fish. This strange animal can look through the top of its head to identify the silhouettes of overhead prey by turning its head upwards. is a website that provides you with Entertainment updates and creative ideas to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated funny animals news.
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