25 Hilariously Weird Text Conversations With Food Delivery Drivers That’ll Crack You Up

Technology has changed dramatically the way we eat. In the past, we spent a lot of time cooking meals at home. Or when being busy, we had to eat in the restaurants. But with the popularity of food delivery, it is now quite convenient for individuals who are busy eating meals quickly. With only a few clicks on smartphones, they can immediately have meals delivered to their door.
Moreover, orderers can get belly laughs thanks to humorous food delivery drivers. Below are some examples. They are text messages between customers and food delivery drivers that we have spotted. Since they are so entertaining that we feel compelled to share them with you. From clumsy attempts at flirtation to photo-editing of consumers receiving their items, these hilariously weird text conversations with food delivery workers are bound to have you rolling on the floor laughing. Enjoy!

#1. Never using doordash again

Source: chrisaileo

#2. Uber eats driver couldn't find this guy's house so

Source: BrightWasTaken

#3. My UberEats driver canceled the order shortly after this

Source: decentbirthday

#4. DoorDash workers must be protected at all costs

Source: decentbirthday

#5. Now DoorDash...

Source: _InMayapinion

#6. Never ordering from DoorDash again ??‍♂️

Source: zeaxed

#7. “So how’s DoorDash going?”

Source: IzaiahTilton

#8. LoL

Source: jmfarmen

#9. Ordered doordash for the first time and it has turned into quite the experience

Source: slimewedge

#10. Nah

Source: TweetByAnt

#11. How I text my customers when I’m on the way

Source: rick_holguin

#12. Door dash > Uber Eats any day

Source: MemesMeccha

#13. “Meee ?”

Source: CorionMoses

#14. My DoorDash driver thinks she is funny or sumn?

Source: TuggaAintShit

#15. Lmao

Source: WhatDanielDo

#16. I would not eat that food

Source: onsomewildsh*t

#17. My ubereats delivery man decided to be a smart ass..

Source: iamalishajo

#18. Deleting doordash on God

Source: HecksNawBro

#19. Why do they do this

Source: ubuprofen

#20. My friend drunk texting the doordash driver i’m lmfao


#21. Door dash drivers are actually crazy

Source: ladoctorakiara

#22. They texted me my front door and nothing else (food is inside, on the table)

Source: liz_gurks

#23. Best one

Source: WolfJamesSA

#24. This door dash driver had the audacity to take a picture with that weird-ass zoom

Source: U_N_I_BELONG

#25. Felt, I cried after this while eating because I was so happy to meet a nice person who gave me food?

Source: _allhailhailey_

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