25 Delightfully Creepy Things Kids Did That Nearly Gave Their Parents A Heart Attack

Who says parenting is simple? I seriously doubt it. It would be easy if you bring up good children. However, it would be threatening nightmares if you bring up 'evil' ones. If you don't buy it, go to the r/KidsAreF**kingEvil subreddit to see the most chaotic things kids have ever done. Even while some of those posts appear funny or even comedic, others of these actions are actually rather worrying.
For your convenience, we have chosen some of the craziest and most bizarre things kids have ever done that have totally creeped their parents out. Through these pics, we can clearly realize that children's imaginations have no bounds and that they are born to live carefree lives. I'm sure that you will start keeping an eye on them all the time from now. Now, scroll down to check out the pics below.

#1. Poor dude

Source: Paxibillion

#2. I need his blood for my poisons...

Source: mervatim

#3. Training to be a CIA interrogator?

Source: NoLongerNorwaysTroll

#4. That was savage

Source: Nateddog21

#5. At least he’s honest

Source: hippovomit

#6. "Don’t worry guys my sister is not a serial k*ller she just likes to play doctor lmao"

Source: katscotloo

#7. Furby torture

Source: thisisaNORMALname

#8. When you are a pure anarchist

Source: bosslollo

#9. Just practicing ya know

Source: Pussy_On_TheChainwax

#10. That's gonna suck

Source: TheTrenchCoatMafia

#11. I did it

Source: Dr_Castro

#12. Well

Source: YourBasicTrashBag

#13. Not gonna lie thats kinda smart!

Source: TheUrbanMD

#14. Low key sociopathic

Source: utkarshini

#15. Never forget

Source: dancem0nkey

#16. Bepis

Source: bt7274freedomlover

#17. Yeah, I wouldn't sleep great either. Why are kids so creepy?

Source: TheYoungGriffin

#18. Finding gems in my husband’s childhood journal...

Source: doghairglitter

#19. I'm just wondering how long that bee has been under there

Source: chogle

#20. Straight up ruined her brother

Source: Mr_Legend2006

#21. Went to bed last night and almost had a heart attack. Child insisted she had to print something for school- LIAR

Source: MissMalapropos

#22. Brother mowed this into the lawn in protest for being told to mow

Source: duckduckgoosey_1

#23. Dude, I know you can’t read but still…

Source: Brotherof_Zekrom

#24. Bring on the presents!

Source: Aris-Totally

#25. Horrifying

Source: jerahboi

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