Twitter User Finds Out He Is Surrounded By Secret Cats In His No-Pet Apartment Building, And Netizens Are Sharing Their Pet Hiding Stories

Pets are friends that make our life happier by easing our stress and staying by our side through thick and thin. However, you may find it hard to own a pet if you are a tenant, as many landlords don’t allow animals into their property. In such a case, what would you do? Would you strive to find a pet-friendly apartment or you choose to give your furry friend up? What about sneaking your pet into a place banning animals without telling the property owner? It's exactly what all neighbors of the Twitter user "thomas violence" do.

Source: thomas_violence

"Thomas violence", one of podcast Boonta Vista’s creators, has 84,5k followers on social media. He has a big dog named Louis, and he worries that someone may complain about Louis to the landowner.
When he confided his concern to a neighbor, he was shocked to know that everyone but him in his 7-unit apartment had a cat hidden in their house.

Source: thomas_violence

The Twitter user only keeps Louis at his place from time to time because the dog has another home. The landlord knows about and permits this, so the pet is comfortable in the apartment.

Source: thomas_violence

Source: thomas_violence

The tweet has gained over 174k likes in a few days. The comments under the post indicate that keeping secret pets is more common than you may think. Surprisingly, some people even hide their pets from their parents by keeping the animals in their rooms.
Let’s scroll down to read more funny pet hiding stories.

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Have you ever struggled to find a place that allows your furry babies? Do you think of sneaking your pets into the property without the landlord’s permission? Please share your stories and thoughts with us in the comment below!
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