Senior Dog Left At Shelter To Be Put Down Is Now Living Her Best Life She Deserves

For most people, pets are important family members, so they never want to be separated from them. However, just as how quickly our furry babies grow to adults, mature pets become older after a few years. In most cases, the pet owners will try to help senior animals with medication or retrain them with lots of patience and tolerance. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in the situation of the poor dog Netty.

Senior Dog Left At Shelter, pocopson vetSource: pspca

15-year-old Netty, a mixed pit bull, arrived at a Philadelphia shelter in 2010. After spending a few days there, she was adopted and happily went to her supposedly forever home. For over a decade, the dog devoted all her love and affection to her owner. She could never imagine that one day, she would be taken to the same shelter with a request for euthanization from her owner.
“She was old and having some incontinence difficulties in the house,” Maddie Bernstein, the manager at the Pennsylvania SPCA, shared. Despite the suggestion of many possible solutions to help the old canine, the previous owners “weren’t interested in talking about other options for her, like medications.”

Senior Dog Left At ShelterSource: Pennsylvania SPCA

Luckily, after a comprehensive checkup, the vet determined Netty could continue a healthy life with the help of medication. “They felt like she still had a quality of life,” Maddy said. “They started her on meds, and she did really well. She was starting to improve.”
Therefore, instead of euthanizing the dog, the center shared her story on the internet with the hope that someone would give her a new home. You can read the full story here.

Senior Dog Left At ShelterSource: Pocopson Veterinary Station

This touching post has gained myriads of comments and shares from netizens. Though the shelter was not too hopeful about this as senior dogs generally did not attract many adopters, a kind person contacted to take Netty in.
A Pocopson Vet at Veterinary Station, Amy Kidd, decided to bring Netty home to join her family and 6 other senior dogs. Her family had just lost a 12-year-old dog, Monty, a month before, so they would love to welcome Netty to their big home. “As soon as I saw her face, I was like okay, she’s the one that needs to come to my house,” said Amy.
After a decade of opening doors for senior dogs, she shared that most of her old canines continued living for three to four years. “When they get to our house, it’s kind of a fountain of youth. We try to do what’s best for them, as long as we possibly can,” she added. “Our plan is to only take senior pets into our family, or animals that have problems, need medication and extra care.”

Senior Dog Left At Shelter, pocopson vetSource: pspca

On the day Netty entered her new home, Amy’s daughter and two sons drove 40 miles from their home to the shelter to meet the dog. “It was time to meet her, and I saw her walk down the hallway,” the daughter, Emilea Suplick, said. “She sniffed me and gave me a little bit of a tail wag.”
Being a well-behaved dog, Netty quickly adapted to her new home and got along well with her canine friends and warmhearted humans.

Senior Dog Left At Shelter, pocopson vetSource: Pennsylvania SPCA

“She’s kind of a stubborn girl, and it’s pretty funny because she’s supposed to be this old lady that can’t walk,” Amy stated. “She is officially the queen bee of the house. She made her way all the way up the stairs by herself, no problem. She does that on a daily basis… I have a feeling she’s going to be around for quite a bit.”
Let’s hope Netty will enjoy a pleasant life in her old days with her beloved family! Please comment your thoughts down below, and don’t forget to share this story with your fellow canine lovers!
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