Over Hundred People Overcome Freezing Weather And Cold Rain To Catch Sight Of Rainbow-Colored Bird

Bird watching has become so popular these days that you can easily find people wandering around with binoculars or cameras on their hands to seek birds. For some, this activity is a pleasant pastime that allows them to immerse themselves in wonderful nature. Others consider it a fascinating sport. No matter how they think about it, however, they all have a passion for this magnificent species with a vibrant appearance. Besides, we couldn’t forget to mention wildlife photographers, who never miss an opportunity to take a photo of the animals.
Today, Let’s see how hundreds of people become crazy about the magical bird-a male Painted Bunting!

Source: Jacques Pitteloud

Looking at the bird's vivid appearance, you can understand why many neglect harsh weather only to catch a glimpse of it. A male Painted Bunting is adorned with a perfect combination of various colors, ranging from blue, yellow, and green to pink and purple. This rainbow-colored bird appears in the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park, Maryland, attracting myriads of bird watchers and wildlife photographers even under the rain and freezing temperature.

Rainbow-Colored BirdSource: Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

All people are waiting patiently with cameras and binoculars and ready to hit the button whenever a rainbow color splashes through their sight.
“There. There it is,” said a woman.
“Are you kidding me?” Carla Morris can’t believe her eyes when she sees the brilliant bird.
“He’s perched. Now he went to the right. And I lost him,” Frank Witebsky, the 82-year-old retired pathologist from Silver Spring, said while staring into his binoculars.

Rainbow-Colored BirdSource: Don Faulkner

The male Painted Bunting is often found in Florida and some Southern States, so people are stunned to know that the bird is seen in Maryland. This unusual event might result from climate change, which forces birds to move to northern regions in winter when they are in the breeding season.

Rainbow-Colored BirdSource: Francesco Veronesi

The sighting place along the Potomac River was mentioned on the eBird at first and quickly spread on the internet. This led to flocks of bird watchers heading to the park with the hope of seeing the magical creature at least once in their life.
The number of visitors to the park on a Saturday doubled the average number on a typical winter day. A few hours before the place closed, there were still 80 cars lining outside the gate. Many passionate bird watchers returned the next day, even under harsher weather condition.

Rainbow-Colored BirdSource: Andrew Cannizzaro

Jacques Pitteloud, a 58-year-old enthusiastic bird watcher for most of his life, was one of over a hundred people coming to the park because of the Painted Bunting. He has visited many countries to watch and take photos of birds, some of which were published in South Africa and Kenya. He always wanted to see the rainbow-colored bird, but he couldn’t believe it resided near his place.
Luckily, his patience was worthwhile when about 8:30 am, he captured the bird with his camera. "It was exceptional," he exclaimed.

Rainbow-Colored BirdSource: Andy Morffew

Along the canal, many strived to find the wonderful bird in trees, bushes, and hillsides, the places it often hid behind.
A woman named Morris craved to see the bird one more time: “I live for this. I wish I’d brought my kids out here today." Many years ago, she used to catch sight of this bird in a distance when she was on vacation with her family in Florida. “They look like a splash of tempera paints splashed all over a canvas,” she shared.
Having a chance to see it again made her happy so much since she had been doomed for a long time after her father’s death. “It’s just magical,” she said. “It’s a magical way to start the new year.”

Rainbow-Colored BirdSource: Clinton & Charles Roberts

The couple Vickie and Benson Kwong enjoyed their second day at the park after struggling with parking the previous day. Vickie has been an avid bird watcher for a long time in Europe, Florida, and Central and South America.
Benson, her husband, has shared this hobby with her lately. He compared the activity with a real-life “Pokemon Go” version. After hours on the way to the place from home, they hoped they could catch a moment of the bird to add to their photo collection.
“We go bird crazy,” Vickie Kwong said. “That would make my year.”

Rainbow-Colored BirdSource: publicdomain

No one seems to be able to resist the loveliness of a male Painted Blunting! This is absolutely the creature you must have a look at least once in your life, even via the screens. Let’s share this beautiful bird with your friends and family, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts below!
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