19 Pictures of People Who Don't Have Very Considerate Roommates

Were you indeed a student if you'd never shared a home? Although there isn't a clear solution to the issue, it does demonstrate one thing. It's a unique experience to share a home with someone else.
There are no right or wrong individuals in the world of apartment and home sharing, only a nasty-meter that rises every time you put an empty pack of ice cream back into the freezer. God is in the details when it comes to flat-sharing, call it an exaggeration if you will.
And it's not just about bringing in a large group of pals at two in the morning, putting dirty socks out in the open, or borrowing chocolate cookies with a 0.001% intention of returning them. Whichever side you were or are on, you presumably believe you are right and the other person is almost certainly wrong.

#1 This had to be planned… but why?

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#2 “Y’all wanna see my ex-roommates air fryer?”

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#3 “Roommate and her boyfriend left this for us after making 3 AM chili. Thanks! All of the dishes were previously clean.”

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#4 “Roommate used my favorite turtleneck as a BBQ rag last night.”

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#5 “My roommate is convinced the outer sheets on a roll of paper towels work better than the inner sheets of the roll. So this is what our countertop looks like.”

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#6 “Not even the worst it’s been. Just annoying because I cleaned the stove last night before bed and woke up to this.”

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#7 “Told my roommate he could have some of the pizza I ordered; proceeds to eat only the sausage off of the pizza.”

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#8 “My new roommate takes eggs out at random.”

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#9 “My new roommate takes eggs out at random.”

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#10 Thesis due in a few days and i don’t need this extra stress of people stealing my stuff from the communal fridge

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#11 The Way My Dad Puts Things Away In The Fridge. This Is A Piece Of Steak

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#12 My Husband Bought Memory Foam For “His Side Of The Bed”

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#13 My Dad Who Takes Bites Out Of Butter. Disgusting

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#14 My Wife Putting This Peanut Butter In The Trash Because It’s Empty

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#15 My Husband Is Technologically Challenged

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#16 When Your Housemate Uses The Living Room As His Bedroom

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#17 I Married A Monster

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#18 "Its Always So Cold In Our House. Our Furnace Sucks." -Wife Jan2020 -32C

Source: dfGobBluth

#19 The Way My GF "Puts Away The Groceries" Still In The Bag

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