What Are The Powers Of Black Adam? The Fresh DCEU's Character Explained

Recently, Warner Bros. has just released the trailer for their upcoming movie in the DC Extended Universe, Black Adam. This complicated character has an odd storyline and development out of all DC’s characters. Is he a superhero or a villain? What are the powers of Black Adam? Let’s find out in this article. 

#1. What To Expect In The Upcoming Movie? 

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Black Adam features one of the most currently relevant actors, Dwayne Johnson. This is also the first time that Johnson stars in a superhero movie, even though he acted in several action Movies before. Obviously, the public is anticipating his performance as the new character in the DCEU. 
The chief director of the film is Jaume Collet-Serra who directed many horror movies such as House of Wax, The Shallows, Orphan and action-thriller movies like Unknown, Non-Stop and The Commuter
In the trailer, many other characters have been introduced including Hawkman, Doctor Fate and also the JSA, Justice Society of America. The main antagonist for the film is Sabbac, the leader of crime organization Intergang. It officially premieres on October 21, 2022 worldwide.

#2. What Are The Powers Of Black Adam? 

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Originally, this character was built to become the arch-enemy of SHAZAM!. Wizard Shazam chooses him to become his successor to protect ancient Egypt. However, when his homeland Kahndaq is vanished, he goes uncontrollable with his powers and the Wizard has to imprison him in a cursed tomb. It’s not only after 5.000 years later that he is released.
Theo Adam (Black Adam’s real name) has the powers of six Egyptian gods, resembling SHAZAM!. These gods are Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton and Menthu empowering him with stamina and invulnerability, super speed, physical strength, wisdom and knowledge, lightning powers and courage. 
Compared to SHAZAM!, he is much more powerful. Black Adam is able to defeat the whole Justice League, Justice Society and other DC superheroes. Dr. Manhattan might be his fair enemy. 

#3. Is Black Adam A Hero Or A Villain?

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Stated above, his debut was meant to bring in Billy Batson’s main enemy. However, as the development of DC Comics and DC Universe, there have been some vital adjustments. In general, this character is indeed a complicated one. And the answer to the question depends on what version of the comics you read. 
At first, Wizard Shazam appoints him to be a protector of Egypt and gives him the powers of Egyptian gods. Unfortunately, these powers corrupt him to imprisonment. After that, he still returns as a villain. Later, he is involved in assisting other heroes and even joins the JSA and the Justice League. 
Eventually, in the latest releases of DC Comics, DC describes him as an anti-hero finding ways to gain his legacy and reputation. Therefore, the exact definition for this character is him being an anti-hero. He has done some terrible stuff but somehow remains his heroic qualities. He will be a very interesting and unexpected character to follow up in the upcoming projects of WB's DCEU.  
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