22 Amateur Baking Fails That Will Haunt You And Break Your Laughing Bones

Imagine "Happy Birthday to you, here’s your cake!" and a bunch of disappointment and sadness is brought in front of your very eyes! We are so sorry for those who got their birthday cakes ruined. But, to be honest, they are hilarious. After all, no matter how bad and unprofessional the cakes look, they will always be eaten just because they are cakes. And all cakes are delicious unless they are unedible.
If you ever meet a cake that makes you confused about whether you should burst out to tears or laughter (and whether you are its baker), trust us that it is a good chance to get amused and take a snapshot as an unforgettable souvenir. Afterward, you can choose to share it with numerous horrendous amateur bakers out there. Those terrible cakes may fail your eyes and stomach, but they won't fail to break your funny rib bones.
Flour, eggs, sugar, milk, whipped cream, cheese... Enjoy today's batch of cake fails that will certainly make you giggle!

#1. I always got a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake for my birthdays growing up. We don’t have a Baskin Robbins near us so my husband made one for my birthday. Honestly, the best birthday present, ever.

Source: u/Okiedokethen7

#2. Spent all evening baking my fiancé a birthday cake. I’m 29.

Source: u/odkfn

#3. Finn stares into the distance, biding his time awaiting death's sweet embrace

Source: reddit

#4. A cheesecake I tried to replicate

Source: u/Gar_Forman_Is_Jewish

#5. Expectation vs. Reality: This was my first time baking a proper cake, but I really need to work on my decoration skills!

Source: reddit

#6. There was an attempt to make Martha Stewart’s ice cream cone cupcakes.

Source: u/duffcalifornia

#7. This cake I ordered...

Source: u/Everdale

#8. I ruined gender reveal cupcakes

Source: reddit

#9. When your expectation turns out to be a horror

Source: u/Appropriate_Buyer

#10. Well, I think it's safe to say I nailed my first vegan cake...tastes amazing though!

Source: u/funkyunicorn90

#11. My son asked for a red and blue frog cake. Nailed it!

Source: u/SurplusSix

#12. Tried to make a Red Dead cake for my bf

Source: u/dweebiest

#13. My aunt tried to make a cake of Dolly Parton for a friend

Source: reddit

#14. Let it go let it go this cake is horrifying

Source: u/max1millian

#15. This attempt at a rainbow crepe cake

Source: u/anotherfeller

#16. This beauty and the beast cake

Source: u/Mufasaah

#17. My wife has started baking. And now we know why she doesn’t normally bake cakes.

Source: @NYCFirm

#18. Yeah soooo the macarons didn’t really turn out ?

Source: bored_in_self_isolation

#19. The cake my gf made for my quarantine birthday.

Source: @Travon

#20. I’m not much of a baker. I can cook alright, but baking...not so much. So, today I tried my hand at some lighthouse cookies since I’m from Florida.

Source: @tizzywoman

#21. Luckily my niece is one and couldn’t tell the difference. Recurring nightmares are not confirmed but expected.

Source: @josherwalla

#22. As failed as this lamb cake? (hint: make BEFORE mimosa session)

Source: @pappiforpeace

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