Beyond Meat Executive Becomes Latest Meme After Being Arrested For Biting A Man's Nose (15 Hilarious Memes)

Nowadays, people are increasingly looking for healthy diets, and a plant-based diet is one of them. Due to this popular demand, a company called Beyond Meat has created a product known as imitation meat—an ideal alternative to meat products. This meat substitution is widely known and trusted by consumers, all thanks to its real meat-like taste and texture. However, while their product is excellent, we cannot say the same about their employees, and the story below will explain it to you!
While leaving the Arkansas Razorbacks stadium, Doug Ramsey, an executive of Beyond Meat, got into a fight with a Subaru driver. The incident ended with Ramsey biting the man's nose, tearing off some of the skin. As a result, the executive was arrested. How ironic is this? An employee of a meat substitute company was arrested for biting a... human? When Twitter users learned about the event, they immediately reacted, even turning the executive into a hilarious meme. Below, we have gathered some of the best memes and jokes. Let's scroll down and check them out!

The article:

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1. Very on-brand of him

Source: ParikPatelCFA

2. Gotta do what ya can when inflation is this high!

Source: valerie_tosi

3. “Because nobody's nose is better than us!”

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4. Bed meat definitely exists

Source: Ke7inBurke

5. Timeless business lesson

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6. "What's the appropriate wine to go with a nose? Asking for a friend"

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7. Also, a time traveler is being discovered LOL

Source: drilhistorian

8. He nose better

Source: HighyieldHarry

9. It was the COO, but this is still funny LOL

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10. This meme:

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11. So true

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12. Yea right

Source: FaithRubPol

13. COO, you mean like Cannibal Operations Officer?

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14. Well I guess he went "Beyond Meat"

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15. Hmm...

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