20 Crappy Car Mods That Walk Between The Lines Dumb And Genius

Taste is personal. Tell that, though, to a gearhead. They'll simply point at a Fiat Multipla or a sizable Minions sticker on a perfectly good truck, leaving you defenseless against a point that has already been conceded.
The type of automobile a person chooses depends on a number of variables; some people prefer large cars, while others prefer little ones; some people can afford pricey cars, while others are content with even used cars. But when it comes to modifying an automobile, there are only two possibilities: either it's a tremendously inventive design or a bafflingly bizarre concept.
Reddit has an online community where people post images of strangely modified vehicles. Scroll down to discover some of the worst automotive modifications ever done, from steering wheels covered in crystals to absurdly large tires.

#1 Tacky and hilarious

Source: f**kedupcars

#2 Meter

Source: f**kedupcars

#3 That's one angry banana

Source: f**kedupcars

#4 "where's the map" "didn't think i needed one"

Source: f**kedupcars

#5 You're a creep that is what you are

Source: f**kedupcars

#6 If you're Angelina Jolie - run!

Source: f**kedupcars

#7 Top gun minion

Source: f**kedupcars

#8 5 minute crafts. But i actually like this

Source: f**kedupcars

#9 I need to pass that furry and reclaim my excellence

Source: f**kedupcars

#10 This belongs in a HORROR MOVIE

Source: f**kedupcars

#11 i have a hard time calling this s**tty because it’s done so well

Source: natteulven

#12 Does this belong here?

Source: DesPaSooTi

#13 Found on Craigslist

Source: shrampo

#14 Overcompensating much?

Source: G1prime

#15 Gotta love grandma

Source: onewheeler2

#16 If you thought the outside was bad

Source: FatFreddysCoat

#17 Airbag mod


#18 Today was my last day at work and this is what greeted me in the car park. i work in automotive engineering

Source: Chili-Rush

#19 Who you callin a pinhead?

Source: cheftmfrosty

#20 How long til they go flat?

Source: primter

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