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18 Actors And Actresses Who Always Play The Same Roles In Every Movie

What makes a good actor? I used to believe that the best answer is the ability to portray various types of characters. And many talented Hollywood stars truly surprise us with their different roles in various movies. They can be kind men that impress us with their sweetness in one movie but strong fighters thrilling us with their stunts in others. Or even that they become criminals with many schemes that make us forget their last roles as a good person.

However, many actors are known for playing one type of character in all movies they star in. Still, no one can’t deny that they’re also brilliant actors. For example, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson rocks the world with his chasing scenes, while Jennifer Aniston seems to be a lover girl of one she initially hates in all their movies.

We enlisted 18 actors and actresses who always appear as the same type of character throughout all movies. Though this list is far from exhaustive, it may make you wonder how these well-known stars can keep charming viewers with just one type of role in every movie.

#1 Dwayne Johnson

Source: © Journey 2: The Mysterious Island / Warner Bros. Pictures© Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle / Sony Pictures© Central Intelligence / Warner Bros. Pictures

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a name that needs no introduction. He is a big star in Hollywood with impressive roles in blockbusters such as “Fast and Furious”, “Babylon AD“, “XXX”, and the list goes on. But all of his roles have a common thing – the chase. And they seem to be portrayed as exaggerated versions of him – a strong, alpha-male character who leads his team to victory over bad guys in the film.

“It starts with what’s in my gut, and what’s in my gut is to entertain as many people as I can possibly entertain. Generally, they all have this global appeal — they’re not all home runs. But the essence of them is that they all have global appeal.” He shared his role choice.

#2 Tom Cruise

Source: © Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol / Paramount Pictures© Edge of Tomorrow / Warner Bros. Pictures© Jack Reacher / Paramount Pictures

Tom Cruise has graced the silver screen for years with a plethora of excellent roles in hit movies, including “Edge of Tomorrow”,  “Valkyrie” or “Jack Reacher”. The 60 years old actor sticks to roles related to the military, navy, secret agent, or air force. Still, he wants a role where he can do something that thrills him, like performing stunts.

Speaking of his acting career, he shared: “It’s a strange thing, being handed so much power to do whatever you want to do.”

#3 Will Ferrell

Source: © Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy / DreamWorks Pictures© Step Brothers / Columbia Pictures© Daddy’s Home 2 / Paramount Pictures

Will Ferrell is a household name in comedy, best known for his appearances in “Anchorman”, “Daddy’s Home”, The Other Guys, and especially his time on Saturday Night Live. Despite his accomplishments, it’s difficult to distinguish his characters in each film he’s appeared in. They’re all ridiculous, aloof, and humorously obnoxious.

#4 Vin Diesel

Source: © xXx : Return of Xander Cage / Paramount Pictures© The Fast and the Furious / Universal Pictures© The Last Witch Hunter / Summit Entertainment

Vin Diesel always plays roles as the bald strong man with a badass mentality who rarely tears and virtually always hits and beats his opponents. From “Babylon AD”, and “XXX” to “Fast And Furious”, he always proves himself the hero, rises victorious, and leaves with the signature old cynical smirk and gawky sneakers. “If you can’t do it all, do what you can.” This is a saying that suits him.

#5 Ken Jeong

Source: © Crazy Rich Asians / Warner Bros. Pictures© Role Models / Universal Pictures© The Duff / Lionsgate

K-Drama fans can recognize Ken Jeong, albeit in movies for only around 5 minutes. But he always makes his 5 minutes memorable with his uniquely hilarious playing. Can’t believe that? Just try The Hangover series, Crazy Rich Asians, The Duff, or Role Models.

#6 Milla Jovovich

Source: © The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc / Gaumont© The Fifth Element / Columbia Pictures© Resident Evil: The Final Chapter / Screen Gems

Milla Jovovich is well-known for portraying this beautiful girl who can fight anyone. She can wrestle, throw punches, do karate, and wield any weapon. She’s essentially the feminine equivalent of Vin Diesel. Her films include Resident Evil, The Messenger,  The Perfect Getaway, and Ultraviolet.

#7 Michael Cera

Source: © Superbad / Columbia Pictures© Juno / Fox Searchlight Pictures© Scott Pilgrim vs. the World / Universal Pictures

Micheal Cera always plays a hated guy who ends up winning the girl with his innocence and natural humor in every movie. From “Superbad” (2007), and “Juno” (2007), to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2007), all of his roles emanate awkward and dorky feelings.

#8 James Marsden

Source: © Enchanted / Walt Disney Studios© The Notebook / New Line Cinema

Usually appearing as a sweet, handsome, and supportive guy, James Marsden’s roles tend to be a perfect boyfriend or a husband but always loses his girls. X-Men, Enchanted, Superman Returns, and The Notebook is great examples.

#9 Bruce Willis

Source: © Die Hard / 20th Century Fox© Die Hard / 20th Century Fox© Live Free or Die Hard / 20th Century Fox

Bruce Willis is so familiar with the type of nearly-bald badass, caught up in something wicked that only he can conquer with his pun, his ability to get out of sticky circumstances, his moral uprightness, and his unforgiving will. Although he occasionally plays more than one role in his films, he has generally played roles in Die Hard, Unbreakable, and The Fifth Element.

#10 Jason Bateman

Source: © Hancock / Columbia Pictures© The Switch / Miramax Films© The Change-Up / Universal Pictures

Jason Bateman consistently portrays this mature, responsible character who makes an effort to act morally upright, speaks quietly, and never swears. He struggles a lot to show that he is unselfish, humble, and all of those things. You won’t even need to recall his character’s name to recognize him in Hancock, The Switch, or The Change-Up because he appears in all of them practically exactly the same.

#11 Channing Tatum

Source: © Step Up / Buena Vista Pictures© Hail, Caesar / Universal Pictures

This guy likes portraying attractive roles. In most of his performances, such as those in the Magic Mike series, 21 and 22 Jump Street, Step Up, and Dear John, he plays the popular, fit, cool guy that every female wants.

Even though he has recently been working to improve his image, perhaps soon he will, for the time being, he stated, “I’ve done things where I thought they were going to be financially successful, and they failed. For me, the only thing I can be super sure of at the end of the day is whether I’m proud that I made the movie, even if it never comes out.”

#12 Michelle Rodriguez

Source: © Girlfight / Screen Gems© The Fast and the Furious / Universal Pictures© The Fast and the Furious / Universal Pictures

The “Girlfight” star, who first gained notoriety for her roles in “The Fast and the Furious” and “Avatar,” plays the role of the savior in most of her movies. Rodriguez’s roles tend to be a large, difficult-to-crack female character who is accompanied by numerous weapons, kicks, and punches.

She shared: “Throughout my 15-year career, I’ve always had this battle. I represent this specific demographic: Tomgirls. You don’t have a lot of them in Hollywood, and audiences respect that. I need to represent those little girls or women who think I’m cool.”

#13 Steve Carell

Source: © The 40-Year-Old Virgin / Universal Pictures© Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy / DreamWorks Pictures© The 40-Year-Old Virgin / Universal Pictures

This is typical Steve Carell: a decent person with a dash of sarcasm and a suit. His characters constantly have to deal with a female who breaks up with them or with him attempting throughout the entire movie to get one; he’s always a “nice boy” with impeccable comedic timing. As an illustration, consider the films “Crazy”, “Stupid Love”, “Get Smart”, and “40-Year-Old Virgin”.

“I never thought that I would become a comedic actor. My intent was to try and make a living as an actor. I sort of fell into the whole idea of comedy. It’s nothing that I ever trained to be or thought I would be.” He explained.

#14 Jason Statham

Source: © The Expendables 2 / Lionsgate© The Expendables 2 / Lionsgate© Furious 7 / Universal Pictures

An unbreakable man with a British accent who loves acting smart, driving, hitting, and shooting. Statham tends to play the roles of secret agent, rogue agent, assassin, or transporter. He serves as the non-James Bond films’ equivalent of James Bond. You can see him doing a fantastic job with the Mechanic, Transporter, Fast and Furious, and Expendables series.

#15 Samuel L. Jackson

Source:© Pulp Fiction / Miramax Films© The Avengers / Marvel Studios© Snakes on a Plane / New Line Cinema

The man is a born thug; nothing can faze him in either real life or in movies. He typically portrays a fierce character who has a quick temper, swears a lot, and carries an aura of a person with unquestionable confidence. His on-screen charisma is astounding, whether in “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”, “Pulp Fiction”, or “The Hateful Eight”.  It’s interesting to note that he claimed in an interview, “I am not as cool as people think I am.”

#16 Hugh Grant

Source: © Love Actually / Universal Pictures© Bridget Jones’ Diary / Universal Pictures© Notting Hill / Universal Pictures

Hugh Grant enjoys portraying cute characters in every drama or romantic comedy. In films like “Notting Hill”, “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, “About a Boy”, “Love Actually”, and “Two Weeks Notice”, his charm and good looks make him the ideal chocolate boy. Just a warning, but he’s in every movie your girlfriend wants to watch with you.

#17 Jennifer Aniston

Source: © The Switch / Miramax Films© Just Go With It / Columbia Pictures© Horrible Bosses 2 / Warner Bros. Pictures

Jennifer Aniston tends to be an untidy lady on-screen who works as a waitress or “damsel in distress” who frequently falls in love with the person she dislikes the most. Try “Just Go With It” “The Bounty Hunter”, and “The Switch”, you can feel the same.

#18 Adam Sandler

Source: © Big Daddy / Columbia Pictures© Grown Ups / Columbia Pictures

Adam Sandler has starred in a number of hit-or-miss comedies and has even ventured into romantic films with Drew Barrymore. He frequently plays the stupid leading man who needs to learn a lesson and usually has a love interest to help him navigate the story. You can check that at “Grown Ups”, “Billy Madison”, “That’s My Boy”, and “Big Daddy”

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