20 Funny Tweets From People Who Are Chronic Overpackers

Have you ever packed many pairs of socks and carried a dozen T-shirts while traveling for 2 days? Or even bring 10 books in case of feeling bored, you will read them. The funny thing is that most of us never have to use up all the things we have packed. Even more ridiculous is that this situation has been repeated so many times but we still do not learn from it, leading to us torturing ourselves with luggage that weighs as much as our body. We are always obsessed with the question “What if the hotel does not have it?” or “What if I need it?”
We have collected the funniest tweets from people who are always overpacked. Scroll down and check if you're in there. Maybe you will find some comfort because there are many people on Twitter like you. And if you are the one who always carries enough quantity and organizes your luggage neatly, please share your tips with us, we are very grateful.

#1. Every time

Source: jonnysun

#2. That is what I do on the plane

Source: damonandjo

#3. And wanted to laundry while "relaxing" at the hotel.

Source: DavidBlue

#4. I see myself in it

Source: Kaitiii

#5. What if a once in 100 year cold front came in?

Source: petridishes

#6. It's the one time you don't bring it, that the hotel won't have one.

Source: MaraWilson

#7. I know

Source: Daddyissues__

#8. I'm speechless

Source: Rrrrnessa

#9. All are needed

Source: debyou5

#10. Exactly

Source: railbourbon

#11. Those giraffes have gorgeous eyelashes, no competition!

Source: ClownShoesPp

#12. Don't forget the shoes

Source: Jadeinnm

#13. What is wrong with me?

Source: vinetimestoo

#14. Right... usually I need a Sherpa or a donkey to help with my crap.

Source: PracadAmy

#15. Me too

Source: momTruthBomb

#16. It saves you

Source: nataliewreyford

#17. She took her whole closet on a trip

Source: AcaciaBrinley

#18. It's okay

Source: musicandscifi

#19. Poor her car

Source: kaleadeann

#20. Chronic overpacker

Source: VictoriaaGrayy

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