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20 ‘Useless, Unsuccessful, And Unpopular’ Signs That Are Useless Yet You Can’t Turn Away

Social networking is one of the biggest phenomena in the past decade. Almost everyone in the world who has access to the Internet is a member of one or more social media platforms. Some participate in study groups where they can learn something new through the sharing of others. Others want to stay up-to-date with current events; therefore, they prefer to join newspaper groups to read the latest and breaking news. Yet others just want to relieve stress by reading and watching funny and entertaining things, so they join funny stuff-sharing groups.

#1. These soda flavors are getting out of control

Source: Tom Murdock

#2. Found in a local shop. Idk kinda useful for me… I did leave a tip for the cause

Source: Taylor Alois

#3. Better stay away. These rum and cokes are ruining lives

Source: Christina Joy

#4. Useless, but very popular and successful in my book

Source: Amber Hamilton

#5. Took on my way to our local breakfast spot

Source: Dawn Watson

#6. Spotted in local brewery restroom

Source: Morgan Lindsay

#7. Spotted in Melbourne, Australia. I should add, I’m in agreement with this one, I don’t think it’s unpopular

Source: Michael Sabell

#8. Saw this today at the grocery store

Source: Alexa Elena

#9. This hangs in the bathroom at my new job. Funny but useless

Source: Lisa Kowalewski

#10. The talent

Source: Ash Solomon Mills

#11. Just gave me a chuckle on my walk

Source: Dana Scott

#12. Seen today at an antique store

Source: Naomi Smith

#13. A storm blew over my porch sign this week and I set it back up without paying attention. Walking to my front door just now I realized the “o” is now hidden behind the crate

Source: Heidi Larsen

#14. Sign on the door of the storage shed in the bar that I work at. We call it “the crying shed.” If you’ve worked food service, you know. 😅 (admittedly, this sign gets lots of laughs and attention so it’s actually pretty popular lol)

Source: Haley Smith

#15. Not exactly useless

Source: Josh Klauder

#16. Is this a joke or…?

Source: Courtney Eirlys

#17. On the back window of a van which was in front of me at a red light

Source: Robin Brock Broyles

#18. Jesus be a one-night stand!

Source: Lita Lotus

#19. Unsuccessful bc I counted them and only saw 17

Source: Amy Le

#20. July 4, 2011, on a lamppost in my neighborhood. I’m still confused 11 years later

Source: Pam Barger

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