20 Weirdest Rules These People Had To Obey Growing Up

When it comes to parenting children, every family adheres to its own set of values. People don't just declare, "My house implies my rules," for no reason. Of course, there are certain things that every parent expects from their children, like that they refrain from sticking their fingers in electrical outlets, brush their teeth frequently, and allow their younger siblings to play with their toys. These are all fundamental guidelines for the wellbeing, security, and socialization of kids.
However, some parents made the decision to continue, adding to their regulations until they were preposterous.
You can't help but follow the rules your parents or guardians set for you as you grow up. It's entirely typical. Without even the most fundamental rules, the house can descend completely into madness. However, some parents may go above and beyond and demand that you perform the most bizarre things.
The strangest regulations our parents forced them obey as children piqued my interest. They revealed the following.


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No physical contact with anyone of the same sex. No hugs to my friends who were girls... wouldn't want me "catching the gay." Joke's on them, I caught it anyways.


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We had mandatory outside play time every day during the summer. Literally ushered out of the house and the door locked behind us - and don't come back for a few hours! Now that I'm grown up, I realized my mom just wanted some dang peace and quiet for a while.


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My brother and I weren't allowed to be angry. We just weren't allowed to feel that emotion. While other kids were taught not to stamp their feet, throw their toys, or hit a sibling, we were taught not to feel angry or even to say that we felt angry.
Not surprisingly, this made me very angry.


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I was left handed but I wasn't allowed to be left handed
So I had to learn to use my right hand instead
Like keep my left-dominant hand always closed in a bandage (often behind my back) so I would use my right hand always all the time and only.


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Not allowed to wear shorts or jeans. No goddamn hippies in this house!


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Not allowed to cut my hair. Had hair down to the back of my knees and I hated it!


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I wasn’t allowed to date until I turned 16, but when I was 14, I liked this guy (and he liked me back), so my parents set the strictest rules ever.I wasn’t allowed to email him or have his number (but I could send him handwritten letters through the mail).
No physical contact unless it was a high five, or dancing at a church dance.
If I wanted to talk to him, 2 other people had to be with us, listening to the conversation.
And once I turned 15, I was allowed to talk to him. But it was email only, and it was 3 messages a day! And my parents went through it.
And they said once I turned 16, I could go on a date with him, but then I had to go on dates with 2 other guys before I went out with him again. But he moved away before that happened.


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I was never allowed to question my parents, particularly my dad. If I wanted to go somewhere, and the answer was no, if I asked why, boy did I get into trouble. All it created in me was sheer frustration and defeat. Had they told me why (perhaps they didn’t think it safe or something), I would have been annoyed, but understood. It was the most frustrating thing to grow up with and I think it’s made me super stubborn today!


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We weren’t allowed to say the word “fart” because my mom thought it sounded gross. She wanted us to say “poot” instead, and that’s just an objectively disgusting sounding word.


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I had a rule made by my parents that stated I shouldn't answer back when in a heated conversation. And at the same time, if I stay quiet, I get detention and canes!

#11 "When we were kids, my mom led us to believe that you couldn't buy anything from the store unless you had a coupon for it."

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"So when she would take us grocery shopping and we asked for junk food, she would say, 'We can't buy that because we don't have a coupon,' and that was the end of it. My mom is a genius."

#12 "We had to say 'stinky' instead of fart because my mom didn’t like the word. It was potty language, so much so that my cousins, sister, and I were banned from saying anything butt-related because it was SO funny to us."

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"As a result of the ban, my cousin created the word 'suna' (anus backwards), and we had a looooong summer of laughs without my mom catching on."

#13 "I was not allowed to wear black and red together because apparently that pairing of colors indicated witchcraft."

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#14 "My mom would always make me pour boiling hot water on toothbrushes before first use. I thought this was a normal thing and didn’t give it a second thought until I was 24, and it suddenly dawned on me that not all people do this."

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#15 "My dad wouldn’t let me watch Teletubbies because they never cleaned up their own messes."

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#16 "I couldn’t say I love someone or something 'to death.' My mom just hates it and thinks it’s too morbid. It wasn’t really a rule that I could get in trouble for, but if she caught me saying it, you can bet I’d get a small lecture."

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#17 "My mom demanded order in two places: her kitchen table and her car. Me and my three siblings had assigned seats for both. The only way you could move seats was if the sibling above you in age was not present for that meal or that car ride."

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#18 "My dad is really particular about everything, and our house always looked like it belonged in a magazine. One of our chores was to 'rake' the carpet for perfect lines."

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"Didn't take too many sleepovers to figure out raking the carpet wasn't a normal part of straightening the house up."

#19 "My grandmother had all sorts of rules. No opening umbrellas in the house. No wearing hats in the house. No whistling in the house. All of these things summoned the devil, apparently."

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#20 "I wasn't allowed to paint my nails red until I was 16 because it was a 'lady's color' (only for adults)."

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