6 Popular Sea Creatures You Must See In The Wild 

Everyone loves the ocean, and also the animals living in it. This is a list of several popular sea creatures that you need to see in real life. Check them out right below.

#1. Dolphin

popular sea creatures, DolphinSource: New Scientist

The dolphin is probably the most familiar aquatic mammal to humans. It is one smart species which humans can train to do many tricks for Entertainment and also in other special tasks. The largest dolphins are the orcas (or killer whales), which might weigh up to 4 tons. Despite their intelligence, wild dolphins can be aggressive when they feel uncomfortable or threatened. It is advised to not touch them or disturb these mammals in the wild. Egypt, Caribbean, Vietnam are the great spots to find these animals. They are the most popular sea creatures. 

#2. Whale Shark 

popular sea creatures, Whale Shark Source: DIVE Magazine

The whale shark is the world’s largest fish alive. There is a record of a whale shark being 18.8 meters in length, making it also the biggest shark species on earth. It also has a huge mouth with 3000 tiny teeth therefore it is a filter feeder animal. Even though people consider this species to be quite gentle and docile compared to the rest of the shark family, you should not approach them too closely. You might see them once going diving in the oceans of Maldives, Mozambique or Galapagos.

#3. Manta Ray

popular sea creatures, Manta RaySource:

In Spanish, manta means blanket. So you might also call them blanket rays (j/k!). A manta ray might reach from 5 to 7 meters in width. Under the ocean, they are seen as a nice host to other small animals as they consume its dead cells, bacteria and grime. Once visiting Mozambique or Maldives, you can have a chance to see them.

#4. Sea Turtle

popular sea creatures, Sea TurtleSource: NBC News

This carnivorous reptile has faced serious threats due to humans’ littering, especially by plastic. There are 7 species, all of them are endangered. The sea turtle has a special offspring habit that the female one will go back to the coast where it was born to lay eggs. After giving birth, it will swim back to the ocean. It is also because of this habit, turtle eggs are always left unprotected from humans and other animals. Recently, many governments around the world have taken action to protect these eggs. Sea turtles might be seen in Egypt, Australia, Caribbean and Malaysia. 

#5. Hammerhead

popular sea creatures, HammerheadSource: ThoughtCo

It is a distinguishing shark species with a hammer-shaped head which explains its name. Its eyes are one both sides of its head, giving it a vertical 360° view. You will hardly see a lonely hammerhead since these animals often swim as schools by day. Only at night, a hammerhead goes hunting on its own. There are seven subspecies of this fish, inhabiting in Egypt, South Africa, Colombia and Hawaii.

#6. Dugong 

popular sea creatures, Dugong Source: Sea Life

They are the only herbivorous aquatic mammals. A more common name for it is sea cow. Being hunted for thousands of years for meat and oil, now they are protected in many countries. Dugongs mostly feed on seagrasses and seaweeds. You can find them when traveling to South India, Eastern Africa or Australia and the Southeast Asian countries. is your daily source of funny stories and entertainment news. Make sure to not miss any of our daily updates on the weirdest and cutest animals also. Moreover, you might check out the list of dangerous aquatic animals that you should avoid.
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