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  1. 1. Aasha Benton  
  2. 2. Alysia Bebel 
  3. 3. Kate Puhala, Senior Style Editor
  4. 4. Erica Rios, Product Manager
  5. 5. Kelly Bryden, DIY Editor
  6. 6. Angela Velez, Community Editor

These 6 Women Reveal Their Hilarious Hair Stories That You Can't Ignore

Hair demands our attention because it offers a wealth of information about who we are, who we aspire and what we want others to think of us. "It's no surprise we can't stop talking about it!" Here are the hilarious stories from these 6 women that you don’t want to ignore.

1. Aasha Benton  

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"At a nail shop in Richmond, I got asked if my hair was real, and I decided I was just going to lie about all of the questions. I had long box braids. She asked me if my hair was real, and I said yes. She asked how long it took, and I said eight hours. And then she asked how much it cost, and I said 30 dollars. They started freaking out and continued to make comments about my hair. At first, it was just funny to make up a story, but when they kept talking about it with each other during my pedicure, it was awkward. It made me feel like I was on display." 

2. Alysia Bebel 

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"I was at my corporate job sitting at my desk in an open floor plan space. My white male co-worker yelled across the space and said, 'Hey, is that horsehair?' about my long box braids. I was embarrassed and speechless. I couldn't believe that my hair was just compared to an animal. Looking back, I'm not embarrassed anymore because the only person that should have been embarrassed was him." 

3. Kate Puhala, Senior Style Editor

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Victoria Haas, Channel Marketing: “I made my mom cut my hair in middle school because there was this TV actress who I wanted to look like. My mom chopped my hair from mid-back to above my shoulders. My thick, curly hair shrunk two inches more. I looked like a poodle. I had to go to a hair salon for them to thin out my hair. My mom also had not cut it straight, so they cut it off even more. I then entered my ‘awkward years’ for the next two years until my hair grew back. Curly hair takes FOR-EV-VER. Traumatic. Tears. Bad call, Vic.
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4. Erica Rios, Product Manager

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“In college, I was broke and went to a hair salon that offered a $20 haircut. I asked for a lot of layers, and I came out with a lopsided Tina Turner-esque cut. When I got home, I realized that if you pulled up my hair, half of it was inches longer than the other half, at all of the different layers. I went back to the hairstylist crying after I realized what had happened, and I was angry. She offered to fix it, but I was like, ‘I want my 20 dollars.’ Needless to say, I never got a $20 haircut ever again.”

5. Kelly Bryden, DIY Editor

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“It wasn’t until I experienced the first breakup that I decided to experiment with real colors. I walked into a salon in Brooklyn, NY, and said, ‘My boyfriend just broke up with me. I need new hair!’ We decided to do purple highlights on the underside of my hair, so I could show them off or hide them. From that day on, I’ve had some type of purple hair. I went from highlights to full underneath purple, to purple, teal, and pink highlights all over, and finally, a full purple head! My goal in life is to have my future children pick up the purple crayon when drawing me in their kindergarten classroom.”

6. Angela Velez, Community Editor

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“When I was eight years old, I desperately wanted a full head of tiny braids with beads on the end, just like my cool older neighbors. My parents had no interest in braiding my hair or buying me tiny rubber bands, so I had to be crafty. I read in my American Girl Magazine that you could use tinfoil to secure the beads, so I spent hours trying to wrap tin foil around poorly braided hair, and then slip beads on. It was a total hair fail, and my mom was mad that I used up all the tin foil.” is a website that provides you with Entertainment updates and creative ideas to brighten your day with smiles and refreshing news. To know more about funny stories and pictures visit our site daily.
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