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Top 5 Most Beloved Dragon Pokemon So Far, Ranked

Searching for the best Dragon Pokemon? You’ve come to the right place! With the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the number of new Pokémon species in the main series games jumped to an unprecedented 900. Since the game’s launch in 1996, Dragon-Type Pokémon species have been universally regarded as legendary, with several being classified as such.

Not surprisingly, these legendary and mythical beasts are also among the most powerful combatants. Several well-known Dragons species are also the de facto “Pseudo-legendary” monsters of their respective locales.

#1. Top 5 Strongest Dragon Pokemon

5. Dragonite – A Lovely Dragon Pokemon

dragon pokemonSource: Pokemon

The original Pokémon games were the first to properly introduce the “Pseudo-Legendary” cliché into the series. The Dratini family were the only three Dragon-Type Pokémon in Kanto. However, they were found in the colors Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Due to its rarity and the fact that it can only be caught by fishing in the Safari Zone, Dragonite is the closest thing to a Legendary Pokémon that isn’t a Legendary Pokémon.

Dragonite’s design has a certain endearing quality because Ken Sugimori went with a friendly dragon rather than a menacing one. It’s a big reason people recognize it, and it’s backed up by solid numbers and a wide array of moves in battle. You may find the list of these best starters in the Pokemon game interesting.

4. Giratina

dragon pokemonSource: Pokemon

Many of the most visually striking Dragon-type Pokémon was created in Sinnoh, including the series’ flagship Legendary in Platinum. For example, Giratina’s ability to switch between Ghost and Dragon-Type is one of the most exciting mechanics in the games. The legend surrounding Giratina is one of the most unexpectedly dark and interesting in all of Pokémon lore, which is notoriously unreliable.

If Arceus is the Pokémon god, then Giratina must be the “fallen angel” to him in the Bible. Its gloomy aesthetic works well with this history, and its Dark-type makes it a great choice for Special Attack-focused strategies. Don’t miss these funniest memes about Pokemon.

3. Rayquaza

Source: Pokemon

Only the Legendary Bird Trio of Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno from the Kanto games are better than the Weather Trio of Hoenn. The group’s leader is the emerald-green dragon Rayquaza, who is one of the most famous Pokémon characters ever. From how it looks and what it is said to do, Rayquaza seems to be a mix of Chinese dragons and the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. The Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon, especially in Emerald, made one of the best story events in scale possible.

2. Garchomp

dragon pokemonSource: Pokemon

In many communities of Pokémon fans, Garchomp is the best Pseudo-Legendary Dragon. Designers were given free rein to show off their creative chops with several species, but this beast is among the oddest. It’s easy to see why Garchomp is so popular; it’s a Dragon/Ground-Type Pokémon with an undeniable “wow” factor because of its dragon/shark hybrid design. Check out this list of the 8 Best Pseudo Legendary Pokemon.

Like the rest of Champion Cynthia’s top-tier team, it appeared in a memorable boss battle in the Pokémon games. The fast offensive threat got a Mega Evolution because it wasn’t already powerful enough.

1. Mega Rayquaza Is Indeed The Best Dragon Pokemon

Source: Pokemon

As said, Rayquaza’s importance in the franchise extended beyond the games it appeared in and into new territory after its Mega Evolution. The intimidatingly exaggerated look of this Pokémon helps it stand out from the crowd, and the fact that it ranked so well in the Ranker voting community says a lot about it. The combination of its already formidable base stats and those of Mega Rayquaza makes this Pokémon nearly impossible to defeat. As a result of significant increases to all of its stats and the addition of the Delta Stream ability to compensate for its Flying-type deficiencies, it became so powerful that they prohibited from use in some competitive meta.



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