16 Times People Tried To Sell Mirrors

A little bit of originality and some imagination may go a long way when it comes to selling products online. Your ad or listing can stand out from all of your generic competitors by being spiced up with some unique humour and sincere silliness. The added benefit is that, if your advertisement is strong enough, it can be accepted into the online hall of fame and live on in perpetuity.
However, some humor happens totally by accident. The really amusing r/Mirrorforsale subreddit steps in at this point. The organization, which has 171k members online, honors the funniest (un)intentional reflections ever discovered online. And today we're showcasing our favorites.
You can vote for the pictures that made you laugh and forward some of the funniest pictures to your friends as you scroll down to see the funniest unintentional reflections.

#1 This Facebook Marketplace Photo Looks Like An Art Piece To Me

Source: irregularcontributor

Dominic, a photographer, believes that alertness and attention to detail are the foundations of shooting high-quality pictures. That entails planning ahead and being aware that you might accidentally end yourself in the picture.
Just like anything else in life, pay attention to your surroundings. The idea is to make sure you have the proper perspective to avoid being captured yourself. You could always utilize photo-editing software if you accidentally end up in the picture and for some reason you can't shoot another one.

#2 Seller Says, “Goofy Child Not Included.” Found On Facebook

Source: LilSis279

Your listing should primarily highlight the item's utility and adaptability. Because you're selling an idea to a specific group of people online rather than just an item, the context of the photo and the audience are crucial.

#3 Possibly You

Source: heyhigello

"Remember the audience and any expectations they may have regarding the specified item. Putting the item in a real environment can significantly boost sales, according to the photographer.
He asserted that photographing the thing alone might not generate much interest in it. Instead, he remarked, "If the item seems like it fits into real life, you're more likely to ignite an interest of a consumer."

#4 It’s Uncanny

Source: SellingAMirror

#5 Tweedledum & Tweedledee

Source: cothhum

#6 Oh Seattle

Source: Jackjackhughesa123

#7 Lamp Not Included

Source: Dadspeakingwhodis

Since late March 2018, the subreddit "Mirrors for sale" has been operational. Since its inception more than 4 years ago, the moderators have built up a sizable community of comedy aficionados and fans of funny reflection. Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh, after all?
The subreddit currently has three moderators who ensure that all users abide by the guidelines listed in the sidebar.
The subreddit has several pretty simple guidelines that you would find on any large subreddit, such as respecting other redditors, abstaining from bullying, and not reposting viral content.

#8 Caught One In The Wild

Source: deekaph

#9 Take A Look At This Fb Marketplace Listing

Source: fishwhispers17

#10 Watching People Try To Hide When Selling Mirrors

Source: JeanRalphio0501

#11 Spooky Mirror

Source: Mr_Savage_Cabbage

#12 Forgot About That Bezel

Source: Bibby_M

#13 Very Interesting Way Of Staying Anonymous

Source: jonnatje

#14 Big Wood

Source: stretch2323

#15 As A Horse Girl, This Is A Very Tempting Sale

Source: maiege

#16 This Energy Is Too Powerful

Source: -death-card-

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