20+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Show How The Magic Is Created

Making movies is a truly captivating process, but just the crew understands exactly the extreme difficulties they encounter. After all, they’re supposed to make us believe the unbelievable. Many might not know that to make perfect scenes, the art department, the effects team, and other crew members have to work tirelessly for not only the audience but also the director and their vision of the story. Whether building a life-size crocodile or creating a levitating pen, they spent months or even years making the production as jaw-dropping as possible.
For those who are interested, most of the movie DVDs feature the behind-the-scenes section, showing how the movie creators managed to deceive you. And we’re sure that most movie buffs would love to see how a certain film was shot, especially the ones that apply computer-generated imagery (CGI).
These are the best behind-the-scenes photos from iconic films such as Jurassic Park, Vertigo, Indiana Jones, Spider-Man, and so on. Their pictures all inspire a feeling of nostalgia and wonderment at the making of something that has affected all of us.
We’ve rounded up some photos that show what really happens behind the scenes from the sets of popular films.

#1 This is how the Iron Man suit was created

Source: © Iron Man / Marvel Studios and co-producers, © JoBlo Superheroes / YouTube

#2 From Captain America: The Winter Soldier — Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, and a helicopter prop

Source: Zade Rosenthal / Walt Disney Studios Motion / East News

#3 The wings of Maleficent were added in post-production and on set, they looked like this

Source: © Maleficent: Mistress of Evil / Walt Disney Pictures© disneymaleficent / Instagram

#4 And special construction was used to make it look like she could fly

Source: © disneymaleficent / Instagram

#5 Nothing unusual, just Gillian Anderson and Olivia Colman goofing around on the set of The Crown

Source: © gilliana / Instagram

#6 And this is how Gillian became Margaret Thatcher

Source: © gilliana / Instagram

#7 Pirates of the Caribbean extras had to work in any weather. And ordinary shoe covers kept their shoes clean

Source: © joachimronning / Instagram

#8 Behind the scenes of His Dark Materials

Source: CAP / SFS / Capital Pictures / East News

#9 Green screens can do wonders - like turn Sean Gunn into Rocket Raccoon!

Source: © Guardians of the Galaxy / Marvel Studios© thejudgegunn / Instagram

#10 Driving scenes in Mission: Impossible 7

Source: ECAP / SFS / Capital Pictures / East News, Matteo Nardone / East News

#11 Korg looked quite different from what we saw on the screen

Source: © taikawaititi / Instagram

#12 It was not an easy job for the cameramen of First Man

Source: East News

#13 Karen Gillan had to spend hours in a makeup chair to turn into Nebula

Source: © Legacy effects

#14 Behind the scenes of Terminator - Mackenzie Davis is hovering over the car

Source: East News

#15 The stars of Jumanji, Awkwafina, and Karen Gillan, are making the rope bridge chase scene

Source: © karengillan / Instagram

#16 Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence on the set of Passengers

Source: Jaimie Trueblood / Capital Pictures / East News

#17 Guy Ritchie explains to the Aladdin cast what to do

Source: East News, East News

#18 How the ending of Gravity was filmed

Source: East News

#19 All the characters of Missing Link were made of playdough

Source: © Missing Link / Annapurna PicturesLaika Studios / Annapurna Pictures / East News

#20 Gal Gadot is making models for the Wonder Woman suit

Source: Clay Enos / East News, East News

#21 Most of the scenes in 127 Hours were shot in a real canyon

Source: © 127 Hours / Decibel Films, East News

#22 To create the makeup for Bombshell, a model of Charlize Theron’s nose had to be created

Source: East News © charlizeafrica / Instagram, East News

#23 Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda on the set of Mary Poppins Returns

Source: East News

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