15 Pictures That Prove Drunk People Are The Funniest Guys In The World

When someone drinks too much alcohol, they will lose control and perform crazy actions. Some people become angry or irritable when drunk, making those around them uncomfortable. Meanwhile, some drunks show their cute and funny points as mistaking a chocolate bar for a phone or putting shoes in the fridge.
We need to be grateful to the funny drunks because they did not harm anyone, but the opposite brought us a lot of laughter. To prove it, we have created a list of the funniest pictures shared by family members or friends of drunk people. Scroll down to see their adorable actions and feel free to share your stories if you find yourself in these situations.

#1. The nugget is quite crispy

Source: @deleted]

#2. After the party last night, I still haven't found the key to open my mom's shoe

Source: @Justched

#3. It's 2a.m

Source: @zrcjessica

#4. My drunk scanned and created this 3D statue

Source: Dimension10

#5. When you're drunk but need to set an alarm in the morning

Source: @robboma24

#6. Got so drunk last night, that we started labeling things in our Airbnb and woke up to this

Source: @nudah

#7. My roommate designed an entire airplane when he was drunk

Source: @spasepeople

#8. You sober and realize you put your shoes in the fridge

Source: @DrunkAlbatross

#9. Drunk Mother

Source: @ramjetrulz

#10. I'm speechless

Source: @princegeee_

#11. Now, I believe fate is real

Source: @heyitskellyy

#12. Where am I going?

Source: meme

#13. When I was drunk I mistook a chocolate bar for a phone

Source: manny135

#14. The right advice

Source: curryspic3

#15. How many drinks have you had to text yourself?

Source: @[deleted]

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