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The Secret Meaning Behind Better Call Saul’s Finale Flashback

13 years after Bob Odenkirk first appeared as the sleazy lawyer in “Breaking Bad,” more than seven years after the start of “Better Call Saul,” his journey has come to an end, and Saul is now in jail. While some Easter eggs in the Better Call Saul finale were amusing, you might have missed a tragic one. This is the secret meaning behind Better Call Saul’s final flashback.


#1. Better Call Saul’s finale flashback

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Although Cranston’s confession that he’d shot three scenes ruined his appearance in the finale, it was still amazing to see Walt one final time. Many people assumed Saul and Walt would be imprisoned in Ed “The Disappearer” Galbraith’s bunker before starting their new lives as Gene Takovic and Mr. Lambert. There weren’t any big revelations, but there was a hint of Walt the man underneath his evil Heisenberg character.

Walt looked at his watch while Saul questioned him about his regrets. Although it might have appeared insignificant, Jesse got him this iconic TAG Heuer Monaco watch.

In reality, Walt knows he’s about to rescue Jesse from Jack and the neo-Nazis with little chance of returning. Better Call Saul’s finale takes place between these key moments, just before he embarks on a new life in a New Hampshire cabin.

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#2. The hidden meaning behind

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An in-depth looking at the watch’s symbolism reveals that Steve McQueen, who unfortunately passed away following cancer surgery, made the TAG Heuer Monaco renowned. Irony tinges on Jesse’s presence in light of Walt’s cancer diagnosis. Cranston only makes a brief cameo in Better Call Saul, but the wristwatch increases the tragedy of the bunker scenario.

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Although Gilligan believes that Walt left the watch behind in Breaking Bad as a result of a continuity mistake from the season 5 flash-forward, Cranston said he believed it was something else on the podcast That Scene with Dan Patrick. He explained more: “He was leaving everything behind, and that was a symbol of that… it was leaving the past. Ridding himself of any talisman that put him back to who he was at the beginning of the show or any association with that.” Nearly nine years after ‘Felina’ aired as the Breaking Bad finale, these details are still seeping through.

Even though Jimmy and Walt both did some truly terrible crimes in their lives, the Better Call Saul ending offered them both a chance at forgiveness. Even though the abusive nature of Walter White’s relationship with Jesse has been discussed extensively, a glance at a watch reveals yet another aspect of the disease chemist and his patient helper.

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