16 People Who Seem To Have Really Bad Luck

Imagine yourself discovering you overslept and are now running late for work. You decide to make a fast cup of coffee, but you accidentally put salt in it instead of sugar. You realize that you are wearing your fluffy pink slippers, which are oh so improper for work, after locking the door and driving halfway to work. After enduring the day, you decide to reward yourself with a good supper on the way home, only to discover that your wallet is nowhere to be found.
You storm into your house in a rage as a bear emerges from its winter slumber, trip over the doormat, fall to the ground, and hit your nose.
But don't worry; we all have these kinds of worst-day-ever moments from time to time. You can always find solace in the misfortune and catastrophic failures of others. All you can truly do is get through it, go to bed early, start over tomorrow, and move past the tragic events of yesterday.
However, there are instances when perspective is everything. Is the situation truly so bad? Perhaps after reading this list, which was put together by Aubtu, you'll have second thoughts. Normally, we do not advocate taking advantage of other people's humorous missteps, but these people are having a pretty bad day. So be upbeat, things may be worse.

#1 Nothing but trouble

Source: Bombastic_Sushi

#2 Wholesome, but still...

Source: ReapEmAll

#3 Thank you, Facebook

Source: Pirate_Redbeard

#4 Stolen porch

Source: TheCreatorLovesYou

#5 A bird flew in my window, sh*t on my laptop, and decided to die right in front of me. how's your day going?

Source: JaMollyAdams

#6 Star Wars dissapointment

Source: KevlarYarmulke

#7 This is what hail damage to a moon roof looks like

Source: flashtone

#8 Bride-to-be's wig fell off during the engagement shoot, but she totally owned the moment

Source: RHPhotoarts

#9 My classmate dyed his hair and then realized he was allergic to hair dye

Source: TomDobbs4Pres

#10 Well sh*t


#11 They deserve it

Source: jons_myth

#12 This a**hole flew through two panes of glass. shook it off. destroyed my bedroom. shit on everything he destroyed, and then had the audacity to smile at me as he was being escorted from the premises

Source: hewlandrowe

#13 Watched a French SWAT team and this happened

Source: please-replace

#14 Don't wanne get my shoes wet

Source: wacrover

#15 Congrats on a new chandelier, neighbour!

Source: buxmell

#16 Unlucky parking

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