Manager Shares Texts From Employee About Forgetting To Clock Out And A Discussion Is Sparked

Are you a forgetful person? Not only you but many people out there also often forget things. It's quite normal to forget things from time to time; therefore, don't worry too much about it. However, always forgetting is not good, especially if it causes serious damage. For example, you forget to bring a business contract to an important meeting, which costs your company millions. Or you forgot to turn off the gas stove, which results in a huge fire.
Recently, a video has blown up on TikTok. In the video with over 740k views, user Maddison (@maddisonlynnm) shows a string of text messages, each claiming that her employee has forgotten to clock in or out on the job. And it's sparking a discussion among the online community. Scroll down to check them out and tell us. What is your worst experience when your forgetfulness harms you?

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A user on TikTok has gone viral after sharing text messages her employees have sent her claiming they forgot to clock in or out on the job

In the video, which has over 748,000 views, user Maddison (@maddisonlynnm) shared a bunch of text messages, each claiming that an employee has forgotten to clock in or out on the job

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“Sweet messages from my employees,” Maddison sarcastically writes in the text overlaying the video.


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And again...

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Another time

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She left speechless

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People shared their experiences with clocking in and out in the comments section

The topic of clocking in and out rapidly turned into a debate

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